While I was in college, all my roommates and I did was drink beer. We didn’t consider ourselves hooligans, we just like to hang out and relax a little. We never found ourselves in trouble with the police or with our neighbors. We simply liked to sit around and drink up the  beer. We would usually just sit there and watch sports on television or play video games. When we got hungry, we would make sure we found a sober individual to take us to go get a bite to eat. Those were the good days of the past. I miss them dearly. Right now, I simply drink beers on my own. Because I didn’t have a terrific place to just sit down, relax and drink beer, I made a decision to build myself a pool house this summer. Being a single guy, I can pretty much do anything I would like to do. That’s why I built a pool house that has an air conditioner and everything. It is really amazing now that it’s all finished. Towards the end of the summer, I was just sitting within the entryway of my pool house, enjoying the air the chilling equipment was blowing over me, and drinking a beer. In my estimation, you can’t get any more relaxed than that. I had a thrilling time. I had to close the pool a few weekends ago, but my pool house continues to be used for beer drinking since I had a heater installed out there, too. I think the HVAC technician was pretty jealous of my new setup after he finished installing all my new HVAC equipment. He’ll probably steal the idea.


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