I just invested in a house of my own. I had not anticipated so many household tasks.  It takes a lot of time, money, and energy  to update and repairing an older home.  I recently had all my furniture upholstered and bought new appliances for the kitchen. My dad recommended that I contact a licensed and certified HVAC professional to inspect and service my heating and cooling system. Since I don’t know a great deal about my furnace and air conditioning unit, I figured this would be wise. I’m not even sure what type of maintenance I need to provide. I scheduled an appointment with the HVAC provider.  During our phone conversation, he was throwing out many terms that I had simply no idea what they meant. He was asking about the age of my air conditioning and heating system. He brought up the term supply, supply register, air handler, and also heat exchanger. I was just agreeing with anything that he said. Hopefully I agreed to the right things, and made some sense. But I guess we’ll see once he shows up to my house. Before the appointment, I decided to brush up on the words that he mentioned. Supply refers to the air ducts that carry hot or cold air from the vents. Supply register is just a fancy word for a vent. An air handler could is the component that moves the air throughout the heating and cooling system. The return register is what brings the air back through the system to be either heated or cooled. The heat exchanger is a major component in the furnace and protects the airstream from contaminants such as carbon monoxide. I didn’t mind researching these words because now I have a general idea of what exactly my HVAC provider is referring to.

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Fall is here, and winter is going to be here before we know it.  There are a lot of things that I need to do to make sure my house is ready to withstand those long months of cold temperatures.  Once trees are bare, I always need to rake up all of the leaves. I also enlist the help of a gutter company to service my gutters before the snow falls. Not only do I provide maintenance to the outside of my home, but I also complete a long list of tasks on the inside of my home before winter. Every year, I worry most about  my furnace.  I am concerned that it won’t last throughout the winter. I do not know very much about taking care my furnace, so I like to call a professional technician to make a diagnosis. I checked the warranty coverage of my furnace, and learned that it doesn’t cover damage to the unit caused by a failure to keep up with service. Reading this, I made sure to schedule annual maintenance for my heater in the fall. If my furnace were to fail because of a lack of proper service, I would be stuck paying the full cost of the repairs. To avoid this, I’m relying on professional service to prevent complex malfunctions, and to identify small problems before they cause repair needs. Among the many tasks performed by the HVAC professional, annual cleaning is extremely important.  This ensures proper airflow, maximum efficiency, and extended service life.  When the system is clogged with dust and debris, it will struggle to achieve set temperatures.  It could even overheat and crack the heat exchanger.  This would result in a need to replace the furnace.  

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I recently moved to a new region, and I love taking benefit of new customer deals. For example, I get my hair cut frequently, and it can get high-priced! My hair is very imperative to me, so I’m willing to spend a tad bit more on it. With that being said, I am also willing to utilize a discount when I find one! Many salons offer a discount to new businesses. Since moving here, I have gotten 5 haircuts, and I have visited 5 different locations. You may well think I’m cheap, but it saves so much money! When I got our HVAC equipment installed, I asked if they had a new client discount, and they did! I felt ecstatic. The company waived the installation fee when i had a technician come to put in my equipment. They were really efficient and believed my needs about which kind of heater and air conditioning I thought I would need in the house. They asked if I wanted to set up routine appointments to have a technician come inspect my central heater and clean my air vents. Remembering the salon’s deals I had previously gotten, I said no, thinking I could keep getting new client discounts. That was a big oversight. I ended up forgetting about my equipment, didn’t have it serviced and cleaned, and then it was too late! When I called a new company, they said that they would not be able to fix the problem and I needed to call my original supplier. I ended up losing a lot of money by trying to be far too thrifty. I am now loyal to my HVAC providers.

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Life is pretty interesting. The strangest things can happen to me. I have the worst luck. When I was 15 I got myself my first car. About every thirty days I got in an awful car accident. My car was then ruined. I had saved up all my money for the car, so I had to take a loan out for a brand new one. My new car went down constantly. There would be days I couldn’t get into work because my car broke down. One time my muffler just fell off the car while I was traveling. I was shocked. Needless to state, I got rid of that car and haven’t had a motor vehicle since. I seem to have this luck with my heating equipment too. Each year, around this time, my system breaks down on me. Luckily I have the whole system down. First, I call up an HVAC technician. They come to the house and do a check up on all of my equipment. Typically they’re able to tell me what’s wrong in just a few minutes. There have been times in which my filters have needed to be changed, and times where the problem was even more serious. One time my furnace just stopped working. That was an expensive fix. The next year my thermostat went awry and I did have to replace it completely. I’m truly bad at changing my filtration, and my technician always bothers me about this when he checks the system. What can you learn from me? Always take extra care of your HVAC system so that you have better luck than I do!


Days to weeks like today make me need to hide under my bed. All this started when I woke up today. My alarm went off and I slept through it. I couldn’t believe I was going to be working late. It’s a long commute no matter what. I didn’t beat the other cars because I was late. I was then stuck and was running even later. When I finally got over to work, my boss assigned me an enormous project that is due by the end of this week. For hours on end at work I couldn’t wait to just go back home and relax. I had to stay on the job late to make up for the time I lost this morning. The drive home was okay. It was chilly out, so i used my phone to set my heating system at 75 degrees. I have a instant thermostat and it’s really convenient on days like today. But as i came inside, it felt like winter all through my house. I checked my thermostat and it said 40 degrees. I was very shocked. On top of all the other things that went wrong, this was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I called the local HVAC firm and asked if they would take a look. There was no answer. The store was closed. I really hoped there wasn’t something terribly wrong with my heating equipment. I can’t afford this kind of costly repair. Right now I am cuddled under four blankets trying to stay the warmest I can. I’m hoping the HVAC company will likely be open early tomorrow. I can’t imagine having another day like today.

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People always say don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a silly thing to convey, because I think pretty much everyone judges the covers of books. The point is, it’s what’s contained in the book that matters. This idea needs to be applied when thinking about one’s property. Although it is important that the outside of the house looks nice, and the yard is kept, the inside of the house is where people will be spending most time. In order to keep the house comfortable, I like to keep some candles lit that give an inviting scent. I also ensure that my house is set at the right temperature. There is nothing more upsetting than arriving at someone’s house in the winter and freezing because they have not turned their heater up. My sister’s house is this way. I used to need slippers when I visited her family, but now I boldly walk right to her thermostat and adjust the temperature. If she is going to have me over, she has to turn her heat on! She said it’s too costly, but I think that’s if she has an old furnace and doesn’t take proper care of it. I am not over there enough to raise her bill anyways. If i start visiting enough that we make her bills increase, then i will help her pay the particular bill. She should really just upgrade her HVAC equipment to ensure that her other guests who aren’t as bold as me can feel relaxed as well.

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The wintertime season is long and difficult, but when it ends you have spring to count on. Spring is all about making your heat lower and making preparations for some much needed sun. Your heater has been operating for months now, and definitely needs a break. Your air conditioner, however, is about to get its workout. The first thing you should do is call your regular HVAC technician. If you don’t have a provider in mind, that’s okay! There are numerous HVAC companies that you can select from. Once you get in touch with one you trust, have these people send a technician over to examine your equipment. You may want to have them seal your ducts so that you aren’t losing any of your precious cool air. They should also replace your filters and make sure that everything is working efficiently. I like to ask my technician to include some extra filters, so i can change it monthly. You can ask him to walk you through the steps of how to properly replace it, and he might even let you practice in front of him. It’s good to learn how to do it yourself. If you have tried more than once and you still don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, don’t worry. You can always call a technician to walk you through it over the phone or you can come out and get even more help.

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