For a long time I have dreamt about having a sweet little puppy. There is nothing quite as cute as a little puppy to me. I genuinely wish to get one but my boyfriend won’t let me. He said our home is not fit for the dog. Our apartment is very small. There is no room to get a dog. Our temperature control is not very good either. We would adjust the temperature based on the dogs needs if we could. However, our apartment doesn’t have good control of our heat. In the winter it gets very cold inside. In the summer it gets hot. The dog would have difficulty in the summer. Especially if the dog had lots of hair. We would need to clean more often too. We already really need to get our HVAC system cleaned often because we realize that we get a big dust gathering sometimes. That would only mean that we would need to clean the apartment more often than we do right now. It would be a lot to keep up but I want to get one so bad. We will not be allowed to change our thermostat the way we need to. So we cannot even keep ourselves warm when it is the winter or cool in the summertime. Our apartment is not fit for any dog. My boyfriend thinks that if we move into our own house we can get a dog. Temperature control can really make a difference in one’s life. We struggle an excessive amount of right now trying to make ourselves warm in winter. Maybe after the winter we can find a new area to move to.home comfort

Did you ever go on vacation? If you have before, then you know how exciting it truly is. We love to go over the summer. We go to the beach somewhere south to savor the much warmer weather. We have a wonderful time. It is so relaxing never to have a worry on earth. Most of the time the one worry is what we intend to eat for dinner. If only it had been always like that. The last time on holiday we had a little concern. We had to worry about more than just what we were going to eat. We expected to incorporate some nice air conditioning in our accommodation. I can tell you that we had no air conditioning. We walked in as well as we immediately felt the wall structure of heat hit our path. It may have been hotter in our hotel room. I cannot believe it. The first thing I did was consider the thermostat. Believe it or not it said the air conditioning was on as well as the temperature was pretty low. It was not right at all. I was not going to stay in a room that was unbearably hot. There was just no way I could, truthfully. I marched down the stairs to demanded the front desk. I was furious. The front desk got an earful about how upset I was. Apparently we were looking at people who were not aware of the matter. They gave us another place. They said they would look and see what the problem ended up being. The new room was over the building and had great air conditioning. My spouse and I had been worried our vacation had been ruined.

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When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of flying. My family went on regular vacations, every year, travelling all over the world. My sibling would find this exciting.  Once we arrived, I did have fun, but the fights were so frightening for me as a kid. I was always so sure we would crash. At some point, after I graduated high school, I started to get over my fear. Now, I work in international sales and fly almost once weekly for my job. I am proud to say that my fear is all gone at this point, and I am as comfortable as anyone can be on an airplane. Last month, however, my fear came back to me for a little while. It began with the air conditioning quitting during a lengthy flight. Not that this was scary, but it got uncomfortable rather quickly.  The only air pouring from the vents was warm and smelled very stale. I was starting to sweat a bit.  I was also taking into consideration the lack of air conditioning for the six long hours of this flight.  At the point, we ran into some heavy turbulence. Everything combined, I started to feel a tiny bit sick. Right around that time,the air in the plane really warmed up so that it felt like they were running the heater. I knew this was probably all in my head.  I was probably experiencing the onset of a panic and anxiety attack. Why would they switch to heating when all the passengers were sweating? That would be a ridiculous thing to do. A bit more turbulence, along with the heat, had me vigorously fanning myself while using the in-flight magazine. I closed my eyes and forced myself to imagine a cool arctic breeze until the airplane finally landed safely.


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Ever since good quality and economical recording equipment became readily, available I’ve enjoyed recording my own songs. I stated in high school.  When it was time to choose my major for college, I decided on sound recording technology. After four years, I earned my degree and started hunting for a job working in the music field. At first, it was really difficult to find a job that would pay the bills.  I ended up moving to the big city.  Once there, I had better luck. After several years, I am nearly finished building my personal studio. Of course, a side effect of sound proofing rooms is that I am also making them airtight.  The quality of the installed HVAC system is a major factor. It took me almost a month to choose the right unit and plan and schedule its installation with all the local HVAC contractor. In order to have powerful, sustainable, and quiet HVAC operation, I needed to make a considerable investment. I wanted to be sure that I could adjust the heat, ventilation, and humidity of each room individually. Of course, I want the musicians coming in to be comfortable, but the air quality and conditions are also important for optimum sound and care of the electronics. I also added a small room with a bed for block sessions.  That way the artists can grab a quick rest, and also they can set the thermostat to their preference. I know I am pretty much guaranteed to have a better recording if there is a proper HVAC system handling the indoor environment.

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I was once an avid runner. If weather permitted, I ran anywhere from three to six miles, every day. While I still exercise every day, I only run about 3 times a month. I’m not sure if low quality sneakers or too much working caused my foot problems, but they hurt all the time. I can no longer go barefoot, and I have plastic inserts in my shoes constantly. While I miss my everyday run, I have gotten quite spoiled by the advantages of indoor exercise. My HVAC system allows me to change the temperature at a wim. Because I can manage the temperature, I no longer agonize over the way to dress for my workout. I won’t need to worry if the morning is chilly, windy, or even raining. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, but there is a cold breeze. I don’t care if the humidity is unbearable, because in my house, the conditions are ideal. My HVAC system is relatively new, so it has some advanced features. When I obtained the heating and cooling product, I didn’t give much considered to how it would impact me workout regiment. I focused upon energy efficiency, warranty coverage, along with convenient features. The system can be Wifi compatible, so I may make adjustments from my computer in the office. I can also make adjustments from my smartphone now when i’m riding the stationary bike. My HVAC system recognizes the variation between humidity, temperature, and air quality, so I can tailor comfort and ease to my activities and preferences. I can also adjust venting and fan speed, which is great for odors and air quality. This is an awesome feature when it comes to exercising at home.

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I recently graduated college. Many of my friends already thought i would move out and live in my own apartment but I decided to save money and live at home as long as I can. There are so many things I love about residing in my parent’s home. I love that my pets are always with me at night. I think I would miss them an excessive amount if I were to move out. My mother makes dinner nightly, which is a definite plus likewise. Sure, I could make my meals every night, but there is no way they would ever evaluate to her cooking skills. My parents joke that I will never move away from home. I will move out eventually but you’ll find too many positive things I wish to take advantage of right now which make it too hard to move. Another neat thing is my parent’s HVAC equipment. Temperatures outside have been extremely high, hence the reliability of the air conditioner in our own home. Most of my friends who moved out already would not have air conditioning in their residence. They say living without air conditioning is not that bad, but I think these friends are just being modest. I bet if they had the choice, they would love for an air conditioner service man to show up and install a cooling system immediately. Almost every weekend, my friends showed up at my house. They say they would like to hangout but I think they’re simply using me for my air quality and cool temperatures. Either way, I’m just happy I am still able to see them.

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Among my favorite memories that I have, i was in school was taking spring break with my friends. We would go to a lot of different places, but the best memories and the most fun was in the tropical locations. During school, we lived in a cold climate where it snowed a great deal of days of out the year and plenty of accumulation happened. Lake effect was one common phrase that we heard, however we weren’t happy. Escaping from the frigid temperatures along with the snow for a week had been great. When we arrived at our destination, we were greeted by hot and humid oxygen. This is how it was the entire time; however, if we wanted to get rid of the heat and mugginess, we could go to our rooms that were equipped with air conditioning. This was nice because I ended up getting sun poisoning while we were there, so being in the wintry and temperate environment was enjoyable. However, a few of my friends won’t be so lucky. Their air conditioning ended up blowing in their room the first night, so they were sleeping in very hot and damp conditions. Even their clothes begun to be damp and a little bit moldy. They called the front desk as well as the HVAC technician to come look at. He said that the problem was the unit was very old and they couldn’t fix it. They ended up staying in my room the rest of the week.cooling

I love the change of seasons from summer to fall. The colors of the leafs, the cooler air, and the fall fashions are what I anticipate the most. My favorite thing to wear is a big cozy sweater, boots, and leggings. I will also wear a scarf here and there to make the outfit a little more stylish as well as cozy. I really enjoy the holidays as well – Thanksgiving must be one of my favorite holidays because the whole family is together. Another thing I quite like about the fall season is that the furnace is finally on. I am normally a cold person, so during the summer, the air can have a chill, but we won’t change the furnace settings. In the fall, we the house will be full of hot air. I especially like turning the heat on because we have just switched to a heating pump. What this implies is that the pump will need warm air from the outside air and push it into the house. It then circulates that warm air throughout the house so that every room is surely an even temperature. This is not only a newer technology, but is also very energy and cost efficient. You will not be using the same amount of electric as you would if you were using a normal gas or electric central heater, which will reduce your power bills. This has done wonders for my loved ones and we would never switch to a traditional furnace.

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Precisely what is your morning routine like? I have mine down to the particular minute. I wake up at 6: 05 a. m. then when my alarm goes off, I shoot out of bed. Once I am up, I head to the bathroom to take a shower. My shower lasts anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes and then I am back in my personal bedroom before 6: 15. I then turn on the television so I can watch the local weather team tell me what sort of temperatures and precipitation I can expect that morning and afternoon. Some people watch the weather channel just so they can talk to their friends across the water cooler about the future weekend. However, I pay attention to weather patterns for a much better reason. I like to know the upcoming weather because it affects how much my HVAC equipment must run over the next few days. If I know it will likely be a cooler summer day, I may give my heat pump a break. It helps me save a whole lot of money. Oh, do you really know what a heat pump does? Many people are not too sure what they actually do. A heat pump is any heater and an air conditioner. It can either cool or heat your house and it is very versatile. While it’s a bit expensive, it makes up for the HVAC installation costs by lowering your monthly utility bill. I save money multiple ways. One, I have a modern heat pump. Two, I am aware of the weather.

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Most of us hate going to the doctor’s office. Personally, i don’t mind going to the doctor unless it does not include the dentist. Some people don’t even consider them doctors, though, although they are. I hate going to the dentist’s office because it’s very awkward. The dental hygienist there always tries to talk with me while she is poking around my mouth. Doesn’t she recognize that I can’t really form any kind of words when my mouth is held open like that? I think that is very annoying. Aside from dealing with her, the waiting room is usually a terrible experience as well. Like a typical afternoon in the waiting room isn’t bad enough, imagine sitting in one where the air conditioner isn’t working right. Apparently the receptionist accidentally broke off the little red switch on the thermostat a couple of hours before I arrived. Of course the switch was set for the lowest setting, too. The cooling equipment inside the dentist’s office that day was cooling the waiting room to 55 degrees. That is almost winter conditions, except I was experiencing those varieties of temperatures in shorts and a tee shirt. I was getting so mad. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I may just stop over at that dentist altogether since they can’t even find their HVAC equipment. They ought to clean up their act if they still want my business. As long as they haven’t had an HVAC technician service their units by the next appointment I have, they may definitely never see me or my wallet again.

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