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My pal has been having a difficult time buying a house. She is actually too picky with her decision. I told her at this point she needs to write the houses she wants the most on a card and pull them from a hat. She told me it’s a serious decision (which I do agree) but she has been becoming very indecisive with the whole process. After a whole week of deciding she finally had her pick. She chose a smaller house off of a smaller side street. She got a excellent deal on it, however there had clearly been some things that she had to buy and update. I got a call from her yesterday. She told me that she had a scheduled visit with an HVAC technician. He told her that she definitely needed a better replacement for her HVAC system. She was a bit upset hearing this because it was going to cost her a few thousands of dollars. She told me that the first thing that the technician did was execute a manual and commercial load calculation. This would allow my friend to achieve the proper size for her completely new HVAC system. If this calculations didn’t occur, she could purchase the wrong HVAC system size. If the unit is oversized and is too big for a home, it can increase the capital cost on the time installation and extra costs to make the HVAC system run. I was curious to know all this because I didn’t realize that an HVAC system needed to be sized. Now I know for once I own my home someday.


Not long ago I got a job and NBC. It’s my dream job! I had always dreamed I’d work for this company because of my huge crush on Jimmy Fallon! He seems like the nicest guy. Recently I had a dream that I had the opportunity to go and meet him. In the dream, he was a really great guy but he actually has a really long list of needs. For starters, he needed a large bottle of water to be kept at room temperature in his dressing room constantly. He said that drinking really cold water is extremely harsh on your vocal cords. It is important for Jimmy to maintain his vocal cords in good condition since he is a talk show host. The other demand in my dream that he had was that his dressing room would have to be kept at the perfect heat range. During the summer, Jimmy needed the air conditioning to stay kept at a relatively cold temp. He had a smart thermostat to ensure all of his assistants could control the airflow right from their phone. He had to be sure the air conditioning was on high, because he wasn’t trying to be sweaty on TV. In the cold winter months, he needed to have the heat on. He liked to keep his dressing room pretty warm because he thought that individuals could see his goose bumps on TV if his temperature was too cold. I wish I always could have these dreams about Jimmy Fallon every night.

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I am a relatively calm person. I never get too ecstatic or too low about anything in my daily life. Even when factors don’t go my way, I tend to stay reserved and just proceed from the situation. For many years, my heater in my residence has given me trouble. It seemed like I was constantly relighting the pilot inside my furnace or calling the HVAC service provider for assistance. It was insane. I had never dealt with any machine that gave me such a great number of issues. Even the copier at the office wasn’t as bad and that experienced some kind of paper jam every week. Due to this, I finally bit the bullet and bought a whole new heater for my house. I went for an electrical furnace instead this time, though. I was sick of the outdated equipment. The funny factor is, I asked the HVAC specialist that ripped out my outdated unit to leave it sitting in the front yard. He just kind of looked at me with a weird look. I told him to just set it there. A few minutes later, I went out front with a baseball bat only to beat the heck out of my outdated heating equipment. After countless years of remaining calm, I let out lots of frustration on that old appliance. It deserved it, though, especially in the amount of money it costed us. The HVAC technician just chuckled at me but said he definitely understood my pain. I am hoping my new HVAC equipment treats me much better. If it doesn’t, it may suffer a similar fate.HVAC system

Recently, I had a moment regarding clarity. I had been resting on my couch for 3 straight hours watching a motion picture, yet I had accomplished many things. In that time, I had made a cooperative decision with a coworker, ordered food and slated a doctor’s appointment. I did more or less everything without even leaving the couch or speaking with someone on the telephone. All of this was done with my new tablet that I obtained as a birthday gift. It was really eye-opening to see what you can do from the comfort of one’s property, or in this case, your comfortable couch. Even so, despite doing all of those activities remotely, I still had to jump up off the couch to turn my air conditioner on. Some individuals would laugh at that affirmation and call me lazy. However, if I can have any devices doing all these tasks remotely, why did I still have an old thermostat hanging on the wall? I think I’m going to change that. I plan on calling the HVAC provider tomorrow morning to discuss some of my new options with regards to a thermostat. Both my heater and air conditioner are fairly new I really think they deserve a modern thermostat to control them. I may be the millennial, but I think everyone should be getting a new thermostat soon. If everything else is changing, there is no reason that the HVAC system at your residence should remain in the stone age. Get your life together and obtain the modern system! You won’t be sorry for it, especially when you won’t ever need to leave the couch.smart thermostat

When I start to think about fall, I don’t picture the awesome colors on the foliage. I don’t envision hay rides, pumpkin carving, or bobbing for apples. I don’t even care about the Halloween or Thanksgiving holidays, nor do I get excited about sweaters, football games, or decorating corn stalks. To me, fall is all about upkeep. It’s a very short interlude between the joy of summer and this gloom of winter. During this too brief fall season, there are about a million jobs that I need to complete. All of my patio furniture ought to be washed and put away. The vast majority of it is big and heavy stuff, and hard to carry. In the event I’m real lucky, there is going to be spiders hidden in the cushion. I despise spiders. The garden swing should be disassembled and stashed down in the basement. All of my flower pots have to be put away. There’s endless degrees of leaves to rake up. The screens of my ancient porch doors should be removed and replaced with glass ones. I go around and ensure all the windows are tightly latched, and give them one last washing before the winter. I then need to have the snow tires put upon my car. Arguably the most important job I actually do every fall requires nothing more than a phone call. I call our local HVAC contractor and plan that annual maintenance for the furnace. If it snows all over the garden and patio furniture, it wouldn’t mean the end of the world. If the leaves don’t get raked up, I will survive that too. If my furnace breaks down on the coldest night of winter, that’s a disaster.

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I went to see a musical last night with my mother and grandmother. The venue was pretty nice but was difficult to get to. It was performed at the college in one of the craziest art buildings. We had trouble finding the correct theatre and had to walk around an entire building. It was very cold outside and I was concerned about my grandmother. But we managed to arrive at the venue just before we started freezing. Inside thankfully had a quality HVAC system. It was so nice to come from the freezing cold outside into this warmer air in the facility. The heating system was set for the proper temperature. I was pleasantly warm inside the building. I was worried that in the theatre there would be air conditioning turned on. The actors had to do many dances in this musical. The play’s setting was in a swanky nightclub that the ladies are dancers. I thought for sure there would need to be a cooling system to help keep the girls comfortable. However the building was certainly heated nicely for the entire crowd. I was excited that I was able to take off my jacket. I’m used to being the one always wearing a jacket wherever I go. I am always too cold and most places do not heat the area properly. The building thankfully heated this area to the right temperature so that I was very comfortable. It made me enjoy the show much more because of the quality heating system. All theatres should make sure to have a nice heating or cooling system for their audience’s happiness.

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On Thursday nights my town’s local ice rink has open skate night. Families small and big bring their skates and enjoy themselves for a couple hours. If they don’t own a pair, they just rent them for a couple bucks. There are usually a lot of people who come to the event every week. Older people, younger people, and even toddlers are there. The rink is open from 6 until 10 in the evening. Sometimes, so many people come to skate that they have to wait in line. Only so many people are allowed to be skating on the ice at once. If too many people are skating, it could cause some serious accidents. I’ve seen people get some ugly bumps and bruises when they fall so you just really have to be careful. I’ve fallen down a couple times but I had knee and elbow pads on for extra protection. I am thankful that I wear those or else I’d have serious bruises. I also wear a helmet just incase. The inside of ice rink building is very chilly. It feels just as cold as it feels when you are standing outside in the winter. If you don’t wear a couple layers, you will be very chilled. I always wear mittens, a scarf, jeans and two pairs of socks. You will also feel gusts of wind as if the air conditioning is turned on even though it’s the middle of winter. There actually is a cooling system turned on. You might wonder why, but it’s so they can keep the building cold enough so that the ice stays frozen. It is necessary that there be a properly working cooling system. If the cooling system doesn’t work, the ice will melt and nobody will be able to ice skate. HVAC service

I have a lot of family members. I am one among six children. My mother has seven siblings and my father has five siblings. Each of my aunt and uncle’s have their own kids too. I have 33 first cousins. I couldn’t imagine growing up in a very small family. I used to wish I were an only child but I don’t any longer. I now appreciate all folks in my family. I like how there is always somebody to talk to so I never get lonely. I like to borrow my siblings and cousins’ clothes. Family parties are the best part of having a large family. There is always so much great food to eat. This weekend, my sister, uncle and two cousins are visiting us. They are staying at my home. They are coming all the way up from down south. They are very used to living in very hot temperatures all year-round. We live way up north so experiencing the cold will be new for them. They only visit once per year and they stay with a different family member each time. This can be their first year that they’re visiting our home. My parent’s are panicking because just yesterday our heating system quit working. It wasn’t even acting up or giving us warning signs. Our guests will be here within two days. They are already going to feel shock from the cold temperatures so they really need a warm place to stay in. My dad called the community HVAC technician and he mentioned our old gas furnace ended up being outdated and we needed a fresh gas furnace. The technician is going to install it first thing next week so our guests are warm and happy.


I it might just be me and my friend group that does this, but everyone is always sleeping on each other’s sofas. Honestly it’s just the most safe action to take after a night of drinking, and my friends and I seem to be always drinking. One of the best friends to crash with includes a big beautiful apartment downtown. He’s all brand new furniture and a lot of extra blankets and pillows. He also always has it set at the perfect temperature for every time of year. I am never too hot from the summer heat because he has main air conditioning and I’m also never too cold over the winter because the furnace is usually on. My least favorite friend to crash with can be my favorite friend to go out with so I land up crashing anyway. The reason why I don’t choose to crash at his apartment happens because he has no control of the thermostat in his apartment. The control for the entire HVAC system is in the hands of the landlord. Because this landlord is cheap the temperature within my friend’s apartment is always some sort of nightmare. There is no air conditioning whatsoever so during the summer nights it is all but impossible to sleep. All I’m able to do is just lay on the couch and sweat. The winter seriously isn’t quite as bad as summer time even though the furnace hardly runs. At least in a cold house I am able to bring extra blankets and make an effort to get warm enough to sleep that way. I hope my friend can get a new apartment soon so I don’t need to dread staying over at their house.

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My boyfriend took a boys trip with his brothers and his friends. No girls were allowed to go on their trip and I that annoyed me about it. Not letting girls come with you on a holiday can only mean they are around for no good. I know they’ve big plans about going out to completely expensive clubs. They are thinking about wearing suits to this one fancy club. The only enjoyment I have from this is I am imagining my boyfriend will be wearing long sleeves and long pants. He gets really overheated without difficulty. You know the club is not going to be using the cooling system. The dance club could save a lot of money by not using their air conditioning. Surely a lot of people will be dancing in addition to sharing body heat. There is going to be no cooling system and my boyfriend will likely be too hot. I know he can and will regret wearing his suit inside within about five minutes. The suit cost a lot of money to purchase so he will sense that he has to wear it. I on the other palm will be at home before my furnace. I will be the perfect temperature and I will be all relaxed. My heating system heats my home with a nice medium temperature and I won’t be too warm. The boys trip also has them planning on going towards the beach. Even though I know they’re going down south for the getaway, they will be too frosty there. Maybe if they brought a portable heater and sweaters they could visit the beach.

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