This winter will be brutal in my area. I have already looked at the farmer’s almanac and they are predicting chilly temperatures with excessive precipitation. I am not looking forward to it. No matter if I like it or not, though, it is definitely just around the corner. I need to be prepared. First, I need to make sure my little ones have boots that fit them and jackets to keep them warm. I am praying their boots from last year are still big enough to fit their growing feet. Next, I need to make sure my house is prepared. This means I need to seal my house from the inside and also make sure that the HVAC equipment is looking good. Although, I know when a noise coming from the heater sounds bad, I have no idea when it is actually working well or not. That is why I will call an HVAC provider sometime next week. I need them to send me an HVAC technician with loads of experience to look at my system. I need him to make sure my heating equipment is ready to handle this awful winter we are about to have. He should be able to diagnose any problems before they put me in a bad situation on a cold day. Should something not look quite right to him, I expect him to repair or replace the defective part. I am paying him good money to keep me and my family safe. He needs to be thorough in his examination to achieve that.

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I am a huge sports fan.  I would have to say that my favorite sporting even to watch is football.  I love seeing all of the men in super tight outfits as well as watching them play the age old sport.  Nothing is more American to me than watching football on Sunday and eating buffalo chicken wing dip.  I also like to have potato skins on hand when watching the game.  Maybe if I am feeling really adventurous, I will make a crock pot meal of ribs or something of the sort.  I also really like tailgating, and all of these snacks are great for that.  The last game I went to, it was very dark and gloomy outside.  I thought that the best idea would be to make a lot of food to try and make up for the bad weather. However, it started to rain really hard and we had to take shelter in the stadium.  This would have been fine if their air conditioning worked.  A strike of lightning hit it and the whole HVAC unit was fried.  This meant that we were all standing there huddled together creating more heat, and the rain created a lot of humidity in the stadium that the air conditioner was not eliminating.  Needless to say, I will be watching games from home the rest of the season.

It seems like when adults are in their early to late 20s, everything is so stressful. From graduating college, to finding a job and possibly a spouse, it all can be so overwhelming. I am at that age where my family expects me to start settling down and start a family of my own. There is so much pressure from them that it’s hard to know exactly what I want myself. I have graduated from college and have found a steady job that I love. Those are too very stressful things that I can now say goodbye to. Finding a career for life was probably the most pressure I have ever felt to get my life together. However, my parents and grandparents are always expecting more. I do want to move out of my one bedroom apartment into a small, cozy house on some land. I just don’t have time to research real estates since I work so much. This is why I need to find a good, quality real estate agent that can help through the entire process. When I look around my town, I see several real estate offices but I never know which one to contact. I have decided to do some research on them by asking family members and friends their opinions and experiences. Another great tool was looking at online ratings. I read many reviews and talked to many people before I decided on which real estate agency I would trust with finding me a perfect home. Luckily, all that research paid off and I am looking into many real estates very soon.

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There is so much to do when you are planning to sell your real estate. First of all, the house should look presentable in pictures and in person. Potential buyers are likely to drive by the house looking at the property. They don’t want the real estate to be a mess. Otherwise, they might not be interested in the property anymore. If the real estate is going to be listed online, then there should be decent pictures of the interior as well. When my parents were trying to sell their home, we had to clean out a lot of things to make the pictures online look presentable. It’s important to show off the assets of the real estate instead of any issues. When selling a home, the owners should also have a place to go after they sell their property. Some homeowners tend to forget about that since they are so caught up selling their own home. If a real estate agent is showing the home, the owners shouldn’t be at the home during that time. It is always recommended that the homeowners leave while the agent does the showing. This activity has been proven to make an easier transition for both the selling party and the potential buying party. A lot of the times there will be a bidding war over the real estate between two or more parties. The homeowners love to see the price run up on their home. Once a price and party is settled on, many things need to be done to get the financials correct and the previous owners out of the house.

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Not too long ago my boyfriend and I went on a mini vacation. We wanted to take a road trip out of town to relax from the hectic work life we both have. We got to the city and checked into our hotel. The hotel was amazing. The entire place looked like a modern day art museum. There was so many sculptures and painting everywhere to look at. One of the most fascinating pieces I saw was made completely of glass. There was a glass background with many colors mixed into it. The glass structure had a water fountain in the middle of it. When the water poured overtop of the colored glass is looked magical. I was so intrigued by the sight of this gorgeous glass design that I didn’t even hear my boyfriend calling my name to get on the elevator. When we reached our floor, we got all of our belongings and found our room. I think this hotel was built with glass in mind. The room also had many glass accents. There was weathered glass on the front of the drawers and cabinets to the large dresser and television stand. The bathroom in the hotel room was even more impressive. There was a seamless glass shower and a colored glass sink. I’m not used to staying in hotels this nice and classy. I am perfectly content with staying in a three or four star hotel with normal luxuries. However, this trip we decided to splurge on an expensive, five star place. I’m glad we did. All of these glass structures are so fascinating.

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Everyone has one, and by that, I mean, everyone has an opinion. Some people are much louder about voicing their opinions, while others tend to keep things to themselves much more. In my family, my mother is very loud about her opinions. If she doesn’t like your haircut or the new shoes you just bought, she’ll let you know! She is just loud, and she always has been. My father is much more reserved. He has very strong opinions, but he doesn’t really launch into them unless you ask him about it. He is just more relaxed in that manner. Well, my mother is also always very cold. When she comes to visit me she always tells me she is going to bring a space heater and install it in her bedroom. She says that I don’t turn my heat on high enough in the winter. Don’t even get her started about the air conditioning in the summer time. The thing is, I know that my dad gets warm very easily. I don’t want him to have to suffer in the heat just because he is less vocal about how he feels about the temperature of my house. We had a similar problem with my children wanting different heat settings, and we got zone control heating. They can now have different temperatures in their room. Since my parents share a room, it’s not as easy to fix. I try to make them both happy with a good temperature, but I guess my dad will have to speak up if he gets too warm. If he doesn’t, he will have to deal with the heat and there won’t be anything I can do about it.heating unit

A few years ago, there was a severe summer thunderstorm.  The area where I live took the worst of it.  We got hit with extremely high winds, pounding rain, and lightning.  The storm knocked down trees, and caused my neighborhood to lose power.  Without electrical power, we had no water to shower, flush toilets, or do laundry.  We were unable to operate our television or computers.  We were without lights and air conditioning.  We used candles at night, relied on our swimming pool for our showers, and made trips to the laundromat.  There was no way to replace our cooling system.  The heat and humidity was especially bad that year, and without the air conditioning, our house felt like an oven.  We couldn’t even run box fans, and opening the windows brought in nothing but bugs and dust.  It was nearly impossible to sleep at night.  The electric company sent work crews into the area to handle the downed tree limbs and repair the wires, but the whole process took quite a while,  We were without power for an entire week.  I can’t imagine what we would have done if the same thing happened in the winter.  We could not survive without our furnace when the temperatures drop.  I hadn’t realized just how important our HVAC system is to our everyday lives and the enjoyment of our home.  Eventually, the power was restored.  I immediately went out and invested in a backup generator to protect against another power loss.  The generator will take over in the event of an outage, and we’ll still be able to utilize our HVAC system, lights, and hot water.    

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I remember a few years back that there was a major flood that occurred in my hometown. A lot of my friends and their families lost almost everything in their home. I would spend my off days helping my friends clean out their homes. It was so devastating. My hometown is very small and everyone knows everyone. Everyone banded together in hopes to rebuilding the town again. After two years everything seemed to go back to normal. However many of the houses needed to be completely gutted. The air quality in the homes weren’t up to code because of the mold and mildew that was growing in some of the homes. When a lot of my friend’s home thought they were ok with the repairs that they did they were wrong. A lot of them had to gut their house completely. However there were some of my friends who didn’t get as much water. They had to do a few repairs here and there. But they did need air purifiers for their homes. Their HVAC technicians wanted them to avoid mold or other allergens growing in their home from the flood. It is said that about 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air. I even heard from my HVAC technician that air pollutant levels are 100 times higher than pollutant levels outside! I was astonished by this statistic, I couldn’t believe it. I am much more aware of my air quality in my home. Not to mention so are my friends in their new refinished thermostat

I have always been an early riser. I like to get up and get my day started before everyone else. I suppose this is because I grew up in a house with several siblings and only one bathroom. That meant the mornings were so very hectic in our household. To beat the insanity, I began waking up earlier than everyone else to get a jumpstart on the day. The main reason I chose to do this was to be the first one to use the shower every morning. If you were the fifth or sixth person to take a shower, chances are you didn’t have much hot water. I don’t think we ever had a plumber put a reliable hot water tank in the house. My parents had decent jobs, but most of the money they earned went towards taking care of us kids. I was grateful for that, but some new piping and a top of the line water heater would have made all of our lives infinitely better. I remember being so incredibly jealous of my one friend growing up. He lived in a great big house and his parents never had any issues with bathroom or kitchen plumbing. In fact, I don’t think they ever ran out of hot water now that I think about it. Now that I am an adult, I have great plumbing equipment. It provides enough hot water for the entire family. I am really thankful I am able to provide for my family like that. I know they appreciate it as well.

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I have three boys, who all play different sports.  My oldest son loves nothing more than to play soccer.  My middle son is the lacrosse player, while my youngest is crazy for hockey.  This means that my car smells like sweat, and is always loaded with sports equipment.  It also means that I am on the road constantly, and subjected to all different conditions.  The soccer games happen throughout the spring, summer, and fall,  I sit through pouring rain, blazing heat, and sometimes even snow.  Lacrosse is also played outside in the weather, during spring and summer, and the weather is totally unpredictable.  I keep all sorts of jackets, blankets, and umbrellas in my trunk, and I’m thankful for both the heater and the air conditioner.  For the hockey games, I know I’m going to sit in the stands and freeze.  I’m fine with watching endless games and enduring every sort of unpleasant temperature.  My boys are active and happy, and I have a reliable HVAC system at home.  I might not get to spend a lot of time at home, but while I’m there, the temperature is always ideal.  Since I can access my HVAC system from my smartphone, I can make changes depending on my schedule.  I make sure the system in conserving energy while I’m sitting at a sporting event, and that it turns on at just the right time to welcome us all home to optimum conditions. I save money and enjoy greater comfort.  I love getting home, peeling off my wet clothes, getting into my pajamas, and soaking up the warmth from my furnace.

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