I remember a few years back that there was a major flood that occurred in my hometown. A lot of my friends and their families lost almost everything in their home. I would spend my off days helping my friends clean out their homes. It was so devastating. My hometown is very small and everyone knows everyone. Everyone banded together in hopes to rebuilding the town again. After two years everything seemed to go back to normal. However many of the houses needed to be completely gutted. The air quality in the homes weren’t up to code because of the mold and mildew that was growing in some of the homes. When a lot of my friend’s home thought they were ok with the repairs that they did they were wrong. A lot of them had to gut their house completely. However there were some of my friends who didn’t get as much water. They had to do a few repairs here and there. But they did need air purifiers for their homes. Their HVAC technicians wanted them to avoid mold or other allergens growing in their home from the flood. It is said that about 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air. I even heard from my HVAC technician that air pollutant levels are 100 times higher than pollutant levels outside! I was astonished by this statistic, I couldn’t believe it. I am much more aware of my air quality in my home. Not to mention so are my friends in their new refinished houses.smart thermostat

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