Not too long ago my boyfriend and I went on a mini vacation. We wanted to take a road trip out of town to relax from the hectic work life we both have. We got to the city and checked into our hotel. The hotel was amazing. The entire place looked like a modern day art museum. There was so many sculptures and painting everywhere to look at. One of the most fascinating pieces I saw was made completely of glass. There was a glass background with many colors mixed into it. The glass structure had a water fountain in the middle of it. When the water poured overtop of the colored glass is looked magical. I was so intrigued by the sight of this gorgeous glass design that I didn’t even hear my boyfriend calling my name to get on the elevator. When we reached our floor, we got all of our belongings and found our room. I think this hotel was built with glass in mind. The room also had many glass accents. There was weathered glass on the front of the drawers and cabinets to the large dresser and television stand. The bathroom in the hotel room was even more impressive. There was a seamless glass shower and a colored glassĀ sink. I’m not used to staying in hotels this nice and classy. I am perfectly content with staying in a three or four star hotel with normal luxuries. However, this trip we decided to splurge on an expensive, five star place. I’m glad we did. All of these glass structures are so fascinating.

jean’s glass by jeanĀ 

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