I have three boys, who all play different sports.  My oldest son loves nothing more than to play soccer.  My middle son is the lacrosse player, while my youngest is crazy for hockey.  This means that my car smells like sweat, and is always loaded with sports equipment.  It also means that I am on the road constantly, and subjected to all different conditions.  The soccer games happen throughout the spring, summer, and fall,  I sit through pouring rain, blazing heat, and sometimes even snow.  Lacrosse is also played outside in the weather, during spring and summer, and the weather is totally unpredictable.  I keep all sorts of jackets, blankets, and umbrellas in my trunk, and I’m thankful for both the heater and the air conditioner.  For the hockey games, I know I’m going to sit in the stands and freeze.  I’m fine with watching endless games and enduring every sort of unpleasant temperature.  My boys are active and happy, and I have a reliable HVAC system at home.  I might not get to spend a lot of time at home, but while I’m there, the temperature is always ideal.  Since I can access my HVAC system from my smartphone, I can make changes depending on my schedule.  I make sure the system in conserving energy while I’m sitting at a sporting event, and that it turns on at just the right time to welcome us all home to optimum conditions. I save money and enjoy greater comfort.  I love getting home, peeling off my wet clothes, getting into my pajamas, and soaking up the warmth from my furnace.

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