A few years ago, there was a severe summer thunderstorm.  The area where I live took the worst of it.  We got hit with extremely high winds, pounding rain, and lightning.  The storm knocked down trees, and caused my neighborhood to lose power.  Without electrical power, we had no water to shower, flush toilets, or do laundry.  We were unable to operate our television or computers.  We were without lights and air conditioning.  We used candles at night, relied on our swimming pool for our showers, and made trips to the laundromat.  There was no way to replace our cooling system.  The heat and humidity was especially bad that year, and without the air conditioning, our house felt like an oven.  We couldn’t even run box fans, and opening the windows brought in nothing but bugs and dust.  It was nearly impossible to sleep at night.  The electric company sent work crews into the area to handle the downed tree limbs and repair the wires, but the whole process took quite a while,  We were without power for an entire week.  I can’t imagine what we would have done if the same thing happened in the winter.  We could not survive without our furnace when the temperatures drop.  I hadn’t realized just how important our HVAC system is to our everyday lives and the enjoyment of our home.  Eventually, the power was restored.  I immediately went out and invested in a backup generator to protect against another power loss.  The generator will take over in the event of an outage, and we’ll still be able to utilize our HVAC system, lights, and hot water.    

air conditioning system

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