Everyone has one, and by that, I mean, everyone has an opinion. Some people are much louder about voicing their opinions, while others tend to keep things to themselves much more. In my family, my mother is very loud about her opinions. If she doesn’t like your haircut or the new shoes you just bought, she’ll let you know! She is just loud, and she always has been. My father is much more reserved. He has very strong opinions, but he doesn’t really launch into them unless you ask him about it. He is just more relaxed in that manner. Well, my mother is also always very cold. When she comes to visit me she always tells me she is going to bring a space heater and install it in her bedroom. She says that I don’t turn my heat on high enough in the winter. Don’t even get her started about the air conditioning in the summer time. The thing is, I know that my dad gets warm very easily. I don’t want him to have to suffer in the heat just because he is less vocal about how he feels about the temperature of my house. We had a similar problem with my children wanting different heat settings, and we got zone control heating. They can now have different temperatures in their room. Since my parents share a room, it’s not as easy to fix. I try to make them both happy with a good temperature, but I guess my dad will have to speak up if he gets too warm. If he doesn’t, he will have to deal with the heat and there won’t be anything I can do about it.heating unit

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