It is officially holiday season and I do not know if I am happy about it. When it is warm outside there is a lot to do. I like to swim in the pool and jump on the trampoline. I get my air conditioner up and running. The cooling system cools only certain areas of my home so that my bills are not too high. In the winter there is nothing to do. I do not like snowboarding or skiing. I hate sledding and being cold. I usually hole up in my home and sit in front of my furnace. I focus completely on heating my home in the winter. I have to work to heat my entire home in the winter. In the summer only certain spots in my home are cooled. My energy bills are so much higher when the temperatures get colder. It is because I cannot stand to have any cold spots and I am in my house more. I notice when the temperature is not the way I want it. There is also nothing for me to do when it is cold out. I sit in my living room and watch movies. That is about all I can do. I think the reason for all the holidays during the cold months is to give us something to do. We get a holiday for every month so that we do not realize how bad our lives are. Every cold month has a gift giving holiday that you can decorate for. The holidays I think are the only reason people in cold climates do not realize how bad their lives are.

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Renting an older house from a landlord can sometimes be a good thing or a bad thing.  It’s good in the sense that when it comes to fixing things around the house I don’t have to do them.  I can just call my landlord to have him repair any necessary items in the house.  However most of the time when I do call him it takes him forever just to get repairing.   One time I needed my HVAC system to be inspected since the upcoming winter months were approaching.  I had to remind him at least five times to call an HVAC provider.  I wasn’t going to call an HVAC provider because it’s not my house, my landlord should take responsibility in this.  Since the house is older the HVAC system and ductwork is a little outdated.  It doesn’t need replacing just yet but it does need some repairing.  When the HVAC technician arrived at the house to do an inspection, he had a feeling that there was insufficient airflow through the duct system.  He told me that there is normally a 60% to 75% efficiency in many heating and cooling systems.  He figured that the system in my house was towards the 60% range and that my system was a little insufficient.  This makes sense considering the fact that I will pay a good substantial amount of money in my fuel bills.  He wanted to perform an airflow test to see exactly the efficiency of the system.  The technician saw that he airflow was indeed low and that it can affect my system by adding unnecessary stress on my heating and cooling system.

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I recently went to a Halloween party. It was at my best friend’s house. Her house is new and I went over a few hours earlier to help her set up. We put up black and orange streamers all around the house and we hung up decorative lights. My friend continued to clean and prep her home while I finished up the last touches of the decorations. We were finished just in time before the doorbell rang. Her first guest arrived, then shortly afterwards there were ten, twenty and even thirty people, all stuffed into her home. Everyone’s reactions were priceless as they walked in. Their jaws dropped at the magnificent decorations. As the party went on for a few hours, the house began to feel really warm and stuffy.  My friend went to turn her air conditioning unit on through her new programmable thermostat.  After a half hour later we both realized that the house wasn’t getting cool at all. She was starting to sweat herself, and she could see that her guests were complaining that they were warm.  So I told my friend to keep entertaining her guests while I would go and call her HVAC provider. They came to the house about thirty minutes later to inspect the HVAC system. They said everything looked fine, until they went upstairs to check the registers. It turned out that when my friend was cleaning, she closed the vents to clean the dust off of the vent slits. It was a silly mistake that kept the house from being cool.

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I loved being in my parents attic when I was little.  It was a finished space that housed all of my games, toys, dolls, and anything else a kid could want.  It was my play room and was where I spent most of my time.  However, it was always very hot up there during the summer time, so my parents decided to buy a window air conditioning unit.  This was nice because at that time, we didn’t have a central cooling system, so having a place that was a little colder than the rest of the house was a good thing.  However, as I got older, I noticed that it was not as cool in there as it used to be when I was a kid, and we had replaced the window unit several times.  We had the HVAC technician come look at our house for the installation of a central air conditioning unit, and he said that the insulation in the attic needed to be replaced.  Normally, in newer homes, it is properly insulated and of high quality materials.  Since we lived in an older home, the insulation was worn and had never been replaced.  This was leading to the increased energy bills and the hot feeling I was getting when up there.  We had the HVAC technician change the insulation in the attic when he was installing the new central air conditioning system and we instantly noticed a difference.  It was cooler up there than it had ever been and the air conditioner wasn’t working as hard to cool the area down.

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When I married my wife I realized that I was the luckiest person in the world for having her. I think most people probably say that about the people that they marry, or at least they should feel that way about the person they spend the rest of their lives with. Regardless, it is impossible for anyone to deny the greatness of my wife. We are the type of couple that many people smile at when they walk past us. She is smart, kind, loving and generous. She is also smoking hot. When we were building our first home together we always joked about our air conditioning system in relation to her good looks. I would always say things about needing to get the most top of the like air conditioning unit in order to keep the house cool enough from all of her hotness. Of course I wasn’t deluded enough to actually believe that the attractiveness of a person could heat a house but I still liked the joke. She always liked it too but would quickly try to get my attention back on the issue of getting the proper HVAC system for our home. Because her hotness wasn’t actually heating our home, as much as I liked to say that it was, we had to make sure we put in a powerful furnace as well. In the end we were able to get the top of the line equipment for both our heating and cooling. I’m happy that we could get them because our HVAC has kept us warm and cool and happy for these past ten years of marriage.

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I am pretty much the one in charge of everything in my house. I am forced to do all the cooking, cleaning, and handyman repairs. My husband travels very often for work so many times he will be away for days or even weeks at a time. I miss my husband so much when he is gone and spend the whole time thinking about how happy I will be once we are re-united again. Having a husband that travels so much has been tough on me but I do believe it has made me a more strong and independent person. It is my job to take care of everything when he is gone. He would typically take care of the technical stuff or fix things that need to be repaired but now that is all up to me. I think that I am pretty organized and responsible but one thing that I realized I had not done was have the HVAC unit in my home serviced in quite some time. I did not even know what that consisted of but I knew it was important to get done since that is what my husband told me. I called an HVAC technician and had him come over to service my heating and cooling unit. He changed the filters and also cleaned out the air ducts. The air ducts are the pathways that the warm and cold air travel through your home. Keeping air ducts clean is so very important. If not cleaned out, dust and debris will collect in there and there could potentially be all types of health related issues.

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I have lived in the city for about twenty years now. I love it because I always have something to do. When I was growing up I used to live in the country on my parents farm. It was nice to live and experience both of those worlds. I would never go back and live in the country though. If I have to go get groceries I don’t have to travel twenty minutes just to get to the store. I can walk a block down my street and choose between two grocery stores and multiple restaurants. However living in the city there is much more pollution than living in the country. I have seen this first handedly when cars go by. I can also tell that there is more pickup of dust and other particles in my air filter that has been located in my HVAC system. That’s why I change my air filter every three months. I have realized that if I wait and I change it for a longer period of time, there is diminished air flow with my HVAC system. By this happening, it prevents a good amount of air passing through the filter. My technician told me that if I don’t change my air filter consistently, my system can run harder which can eventually lead to more issues with my HVAC system. I want to prevent this as much as possible because I don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs or even replacing my system. Talk with your HVAC technician to see how many times he thinks you should change your air filter.heating and air conditioning

Living in the big city is extremely different than living in a small town like I used to. One of the first things I figured out when I first got the idea of moving here, was that a studio apartment simply was not in the cards for me. I only knew a handful of people in the area and they all already had places of their own. So I started looking in the classifieds for housemate wanted ads. The two guys I live with now have actually become good friends. We get along very well and I know that I am lucky in that regard. The one issue that does exist is our climate control situation. In the winter we are all fine. Nobody wants to be cold, so we run our furnace regularly and reasonably to keep the house nice and warm. However, things get a little tricky when it comes to air conditioning in the summer. I am rather sensitive when it comes to hot and humid weather. My housemates tolerate it. Unfortunately our house only has a heating system and I refuse to consider the box fans adequate cooling equipment. In the past, I have always had A/C though, so I bought a window unit for my bedroom. I only run it when I have to, but my housemates who did not want air conditioning, obviously did not want to pay for mine. So we worked it out that I pay an extra $25 for every summer month to cover my air conditioner’s power consumption. It is a small price to pay for comfort.

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I love living in a hot climate. After I divorced my husband one of the first things I did was find a new area of the country to live in. I have lived in the cold of the northern states for my entire life so moving to a warmer climate sounded like the perfect change. It has turned out to be the perfect place for me to start my new life. I have lived here for a couple of years now and it only gets better and better the more time that passes. It took me some time and watching the seasons change to figure out how to make my new home the perfect temperature. At first the main issue was figuring out the right kind of cooling for my home but I soon realized that heating would be an issue as well. Most people who live in a climate that is as warm as the one that I live in wouldn’t worry too much about what kind of furnace they had, but I do. It never gets cold down here like it does in the north but there are still some winter nights that can get quite chilly. I want to know that I have a furnace that is going to be reliable and heat my home quickly on these nights. Many of the people that I have talked to say that they find these cold nights refreshing because of the usually consistent heat but not me. I am so sick and tired of having spent all of the rest of my life dealing with the cold that I now want to be warm all of the time.

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Being a pizza delivery driver is the last job I ever expected to have, let alone enjoy. In the past I always heard from people that it is one of the most miserable jobs, that the pay is terrible, and that you just end up being everybody’s scapegoat. Sure, when there is a mistake made on an order, the customer ends up blaming the driver, but other than that, the job is actually pretty decent. My boss is a very reasonable guy, the pay actually is good, and I basically just drive around in my comfy car, listening to my music all day. Right toward the end of this summer though, the heating and cooling system in my car broke. At that point it was still very hot out and I quickly started missing my air conditioning. I would drive around with the windows open when I could, but on rainy days, all I could do was sweat. The A/C was important for sure, but I had just paid for four new tires and could not afford to have it fixed. When my heating and cooling repair fund was finally almost complete, I hit a deer and had to spend the money on that. Now it is pretty much winter, I am in dire need of heating in my car, but am stuck wearing sweaters and my jacket. Best case scenario, I will have my air conditioning again by the time summer rolls around. There is no hope to get my heater running again this season, other necessary expenditures just keep coming up.