Working at a desk five days a week puts a lot of stress on my body.  I don’t mind getting up and going to work every day but sitting in one position at a computer, my muscles in my neck can become very tense.  I do like being in a work environment and interacting with my coworkers.  I believe that I have this advantage over people who work at home.  But if I did work at home my body may not be as stressed.  I would be able to maneuver around more and work at different places in my home.  When I do come home I like to unwind and lay on my couch.  I either like to watch my nightly shows or read a good book.  Recently I purchased a hot tub. I had a hot tub installer come to my house last week to do an estimate and measure the area where I wanted my hot tub.  The next day he came with the correct size hot tub and installed it for me in less than an hour.  This is probably one of the best investments that I’ve ever made.  It is so relaxing and it allows me to release the stress that is put on my body while working at a desk all day.  I have a hot tub that includes hydro-therapeutic benefits.  There is different  settings and jets that target muscle areas in which I need relaxation.  There were many different hot tub models to choose from.  I chose a more relaxing hot tub spa that allows me to unwind from a long work day whether it be in the summer or the winter.

hot tub options 

When it comes to getting things done I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  Even in school I wasn’t a fan of homework or writing essays.  That’s why I would wait until the very last minute to complete my assignments.  Nevertheless, I would still hand them in on time and would still receive a good grade.  I wasn’t sure why I would always put the stress or pressure on myself to wait the last minute.  Maybe it was because some days I felt like I had better things to do than school work.  Unfortunately my attitude of procrastination, carried over to when I got older and had bigger responsibilities.  When I had my own house I would wait until the very last minute where I couldn’t bare seeing my lawn overgrown until I had to mow it.  Even with my pool I know that I should take care of it better.  That’s why I hire a pool service provider to come at least once a month and check my pool out.  Last week my pool installer checked my pool water to make sure that it is clean and healthy to swim in.  He does this by using a pH scale stick to measure the acidity or alkalinity of my pool water. The scale runs from 0 to 14.  0 being the most acidic and 14 being very alkaline.  My pool provider is looking to make sure that my pool water is not any of these.  He’s making sure that the scale measures between a 7.2 or 7.8.  Good thing my pool was in between that range so I could continually swim in my pool.

pool business 

I recently switched to a new HVAC provider, and they are just fantastic. I needed to get some new equipment for my house and I was a little weary about spending so much money. I know that HVAC equipment can last around 20 years, so it made sense that I would have to spend a pretty penny on it. That being said, I wasn’t looking forward to spending so much money, and it made the shopping experience very stressful for me! This was my first time looking into getting a new heating and cooling system for my home, so I really didn’t know what I was doing. Luckily, the HVAC provider that I was using was full of really good advice. For starters, they did something called a Heat-Loss Calculation. This helped to determine the capacity needed to heat and cool my home! I had no idea that this kind of technology even existed. It made me feel a lot more comfortable purchasing a product, because I knew that it would be sufficient for my home’s needs. The HVAC provider also has some very good advice when it came to conserving energy. They told me that I should add an extra layer of insulation to my attic, which would allow me to get a smaller HVAC unit. This little tip ended up saving me a lot of money! Overall, this HVAC company helped me to feel really good during my buying process. I now have a new heating and cooling system, and they gave me even more information about how to maintain it monthly and keep it running smoothly for many years.

HVAC system

Every year we try to do special projects on our old house.  We try to do projects that will help with the energy efficiency most of all.  Last year we updated our furnace with a new one.  This year we are replacing the last two old windows in the house. We have an odd octagon window that is rotting and isn’t energy efficient.  We also have some siding that is coming apart so we need to re-nail it.  We added weather stripping to the doors and windows.  The back windows take the brunt of the wind so we add storm windows to them to help with the cold.  We try to make our home as energy efficient as we can.  Our new furnace is the top of the line energy efficient unit.  We think saving money is very important to us in any way we can.  Whether it is cutting coupons from the Sunday paper or cutting drafty windows out.  Anywhere that you can save money is very important to us.  Our neighbors asked us for advice this year on some cost saving ideas on their house.  They actually had no insulation in the upstairs of their house.  We suggested they hire a company to come and blow in the insulation for them.  It should save them over $100.00 a month in energy bills.  I couldn’t imagine how cold it must be in their upstairs in the winter.  They actually had frozen water pipes from no insulation in the walls.  Luckily, we both will have a bit more energy efficient homes this year and our furnaces won’t have to work so hard.

This time of year is absolutely beautiful.  We are enjoying bright blue skies, lots of sunshine, and yet it’s just cool enough to wear a sweatshirt.  I try to get outside every day, because I know this wonderful weather is not going to last.  All too soon, the temperature is going to drop, and we’ll be huddled inside.  I am hoping that the autumn season is extremely long, and that it doesn’t snow until Christmas.  I don’t want to shovel the snow off my driveway, brush the snow off my car, and drive on snowy roads.  Winter is expensive.  We need snow tires, winter coats and boots, and a reliable heating system.  First, we need to invest in a gas furnace for the house, and live with the mess of installation for about two weeks.  Then we need to figure out how to operate the furnace, and how all of the features work.  Once the furnace is up and running, we pay utility bills month after month all winter long.  At least, with an updated heating system, the equipment is more energy efficient and keeps operational costs lower.  I also make sure to schedule professional upkeep for the system every fall.  I’ve invested in a maintenance plan with my local HVAC contractor.  That way, the HVAC technician contacts me when it’s time for service.  The appointments don’t take very long, and my furnace is then ready to handle the severe cold of the long winter season.  If winter only lasted a week or two, it wouldn’t be so awful. I really wish this lovely fall weather could last until spring.

HVAC maintenance

Technology is ever changing.  I remember the days when there was a dialer phone in my parents’ house that you had to turn to get to work.  Cell phones weren’t even a thing and they cost over $1,000 to buy one.  Car phones were the only way you could talk while you were on the go, but that didn’t really help much because you would always get disconnected.  Things from the past are now obsolete, and that is how it is in the HVAC industry as well.  We went from having the iron grates on the floor that you never wanted to step on, to the upright heating radiators, to floor radiators, and now, we are moving onto heating from the floor again.  Except this time, there is no metal grate you need to watch out for.  Radiant floor heating is something that you would never think was possible 25 years ago.  Heating coils are laid underneath your floorboards and when you turn the heat on, the floors will warm up and the hot air will rise, which warms your home.  Your feet will never be cold again.  Normally, this was reserved for high end homes seeking the added comfort of having warmth generated from beneath the floor, but now it is a lot more affordable for the common middle class family.  The best time to install radiant floor heating is when you are building, so be sure to factor that in when you are looking to upgrade.  And as always, it is good to have an HVAC technician with you to consult on questions you may have.

heated floors

Have you ever tried to take the train anywhere? I hope your experience has been better than mine. I did not realize that there would be so many delays on the train. In fact I was on the train so long I did not pack enough food. I was only suppose to be on there for 6 hours. I ended up being on there for 8. I was expecting to be home and I had made an HVAC tune up appointment. I was not going to be home in time for it so I had to call and cancel. They charged me a small fee for canceling because it was so close to the appointment. It was not a good experience. I was tired and irritable when I got home. I had to make another appointment to get my HVAC system looked at. It was not broken or anything. It just needed a simple tune up. I was worried though because it was going to start getting very cold. I was going to need to use my furnace very soon. It actually got very cold that same night. It started snowing too and I could not turn the furnace on. I slept under several covers and had on a lot of layers. The train really ruined all of my plans. I think maybe I was just having some really bad luck. If I was I was ready for it to be over. Luckily the next day the HVAC technician got the furnace to turn on. My house started to fill with warm air. Next time I will not make an appointment right after I am supposed to get off of the train. commercial HVAC

There is nothing more annoying than being sick all the time. I think within the last 2 months I have been sick four different times. It slows me down from getting things done that I need to. It is making me really nervous because the holidays are coming up too. It is going to be a very busy season. There is a lot to prepare for. The most important thing is getting my HVAC system ready for the winter. I can’t believe I haven’t done it yet. It is late November and sometimes it is already snowing by now. I did not want to do it while I was sick but I called my HVAC business anyway. They said they would send a technician to do the cleaning as soon as they had an appointment available. It was a couple days from when I had called them. I hoped I would be feeling better. Right before they came the temperatures dropped and it started to snow. My house was getting awfully cold. I thought I better use the furnace. It wouldn’t hurt to just turn it on for a little bit. I was wrong about that. I turned it on for a little while and it turned itself off. It would not turn back on again. I guess it was a good thing I had an HVAC technician coming to look at the system soon anyway. The HVAC professional ended up doing a repair and a tune up. All I can say is at least it wasn’t in the middle of winter that my HVAC unit broke down.

heating tune-up

I don’t really enjoy long shopping trips to the mall.  From where I live, the drive to get there is about an hour.  The mall is always crowded with people, and I hate waiting in line to pay for items.  In the winter, the stores are usually overheated and stuffy.  In the summer, the stores are just the opposite, with the air conditioner blasting.  I usually end up making a few impulse buys that are a waste of money.  Because of the long trip, I will most likely eat at a restaurant and get a meal that is bad for me.  I far prefer to shop from the comfort of my home.  I sit in my swivel desk chair, wearing my pajamas, and go on my computer.  With online shopping, I target items that I want and need, and avoid those silly impulse buys.  I can easily price check, find great deals, and take advantage of free shipping.  I don’t need to worry about getting overheated and dragging my heavy, wool coat from store to store.  I never freeze to death because the air conditioner is maintaining temperatures better suited to an igloo.  I don’t fight crowds, wait in line, or deal with rude cashiers.  My HVAC system keeps me perfectly comfortable.  I set the temperature to my preference, shop at a time that is convenient for me, and then wait for the mailman to deliver my purchases.  I only wish I could online shop for my groceries.  I would love to avoid the trip to the grocery store every week.

advanced air

It is the middle of November, and the weather just can’t decide what it wants to do.  We had a week of solid rain, with bitter cold temperatures.  For two days, it snowed.  Now, we are back to blue skies and sunny days.  The weather is absolutely beautiful.  I regret putting away my patio furniture.  Unfortunately, when there’s been a stretch of cold weather, the change to warm temperatures brings out the bugs.  My house is full of flies.  They are everywhere, and it is disgusting.  I have taken extensive measures to improve the energy efficiency of my home, and reduce the workload of the HVAC system.  Our winters are long and severely cold around here.  The furnace runs constantly, and costs a fortune in utility bills.  I have tried everything I can think of to prevent the heated air from escaping.  My house is certainly not airtight if a million flies are finding their way inside.  Last night, as I headed upstairs, I could hear the buzzing before I entered the bedroom.  There had to be a minimum of twenty flies crawling around on the ceiling, around the light.  I think they might be coming in through the light fixture, but I insulated around the fixture.  I don’t know how to keep these flies from gaining access.  I would like to prevent unconditioned, outside air from gaining access in the same way.  I will spend my day vacuuming up these filthy insects, and hope I don’t ruin my vacuum cleaner.  I will need to check the filter of my HVAC system as well.air conditioner install