A burst pipe

I live in a region where the winters can get extremely cold and stay in the single digits for up to five months.  This weather can really take a toll on a house and the appliances that are needed in order for it to function properly.  I have owned a home that has two rentals units for the past 10 years.  This is nice additional income for my family.  I do not live in the house, so I stop by once a week to make sure everything is working and keep in frequent contact with the tenants that live in the house.  Last winter, my city had a very difficult winter season.  There were many snow storms and the weather was downright frigid for a solid month.  I have always kept my home maintained to ensure an unexpected emergency doesn’t arise, but I didn’t have the same protocol for my rental unit.  It was during this time, I got a call from one of my tenants stating that his storage unit was half under water due to a burst pipe.  I quickly headed over to the unit to turn off the water to avoid any further damage.  Most everything in the unit was under water, with additional water spewing out into the remaining basement area.  Luckily, the tenant had renter’s insurance and was able to be reimbursed for the damage done to his belongings in the unit.  After contacting my local plumber, I had to use wet vacuums and install a dehumidifier to remove the remaining water and avoid mildew and mold forming in my basement.

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