My father was a man’s man. He was rugged, but gentle at the same time. He could work all day in jeans and a flannel, but go out on the town later at night in a nice pair of slacks and wingtip shoes. He was a real gem. He once told me that the two most important people in a man’s life are his wife and his tailor. As you can tell, he was a family man that liked to provide for his loved ones, but he also liked to look sharp for everyone else. As I got older, I began to imitate his style and got myself a really talented tailor. It can be hard finding people who offer truly great service in today’s world. The art of customer service is slowly dying. This was most evident when I was searching for a guy to work on my home’s heating and cooling equipment. While I had good luck finding a tailor, finding a good HVAC technician wasn’t so easy. The first tech to set foot in my house didn’t use shoe covers or treat me with a great deal of respect. I didn’t appreciate that. I ended up finding a good HVAC specialist a few weeks later that was a great guy and also very knowledgeable when it came to my heater and air conditioner. I plan on keeping him around for awhile, just as I intend to keep going to my tailor in town. My dad truly gave me great advice and I am trying my best to live by his words.

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