My son plays youth hockey for a local club. Even though all the boys live in this city, we travel to many different places for games and tournaments. It can be very stressful at some times, but it is all worth it when the boys get to skate around, have fun and even win a game or two. Because we travel so much for his games, we stay in many different hotels. We have stayed in some nice places and others not so much. To my son, the most important aspect of a hotel is if it has a pool or not. Him and his buddies will go swimming for hours in a hotel pool. Me and my husband on the other hand, appreciate different things in a hotel. For example, you never truly appreciate a good heater and air conditioner in hotel room until you stay in a place with a terrible system. I remember we stayed at this very nice hotel a few months ago, but the heating and cooling equipment didn’t seem to affect the temperature of the room whatsoever. No matter what we set the thermostat to, we could not seem to get comfortable. We called down to the front desk many times, but they could never fix the problem again. We were very eager to return home after that nightmare of a trip. I just wanted to lay on the couch for a few days and enjoy a well-working heater and air conditioner. Suffice it to say, we have yet to schedule another visit to that particular hotel.air flow

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