We are having a super strange winter this year.  It started with a really long, and truly lovely autumn season.  The weather was so warm that we never need to start up the furnace.  All the way into October, I was still opening the windows to freshen up the rooms of the house.  Just before Thanksgiving, the temperature suddenly plummeted, and it snowed.  I was not prepared for the sudden nightmare of snow, ice, and subzero temperatures.  The snow gear was still packed away in the attic.  I had no idea where I’d stashed the snow shovel.  My snow-brush wasn’t in my car, and I hadn’t yet scheduled seasonal maintenance for the furnace.  We survived a horrible, freezing cold weekend, and then the weather turned milder again.  It wasn’t exactly shorts and T-shirt weather, but at least it wasn’t wool coat and winter boots weather either.  Now it is almost Christmas, and there’s no sign of winter weather.  Yesterday, the sun was shining, and I worked outside in the yard without a coat.  There’s no need to run the furnace, and my heating bills are nice and low.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  I hope it doesn’t snow at all this year.  I hope I never need to scrape or shovel or plow.  Unfortunately, the forecast for the upcoming weekend is calling for temperatures in the thirties and several inches of snow.  I know I should not complain about it.  We’ve had a gorgeous stretch of unexpected weather, and I should be thankful.  But I’m greedy, and I want a whole winter of mild weather, no furnace, and sunshine.

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