One thing I love so much about the holidays is that I finally get to showcase my superb baking skills and go completely over the top.  I spend days in my kitchen preparing, baking and decorating.  My family actually has to eat frozen and microwaveable meals for about a week in December because I claim all dibs on the oven.  Last year, during my baking fiasco, our HVAC system broke down.  I was not sure why at the time, but I did know that my family and I were freezing.  I called our local HVAC provider and he informed me he would not be able to come by until late in the evening, and my family has just woken up.  It was the dead of winter outside, so I had no idea how we were going to keep warm all day.  We had a fire going all day in our wood burning fireplace, but it did not seem to be enough.  Finally, my husband suggested that we turn on the oven and open it up.  I knew this was going to put a huge pause on my cookie making, but if it was going to help keep everyone warm, I knew I had to allow it.  As it turned out, the HVAC provider told us that our filters were totally clogged with dust and debris.  He replaced them for us, gave us a little lesson on HVAC maintenance, and went on his merry way.  Once the house warmed up again I could get back to baking.  This year, I will have my HVAC system checked earlier in the year so that nothing gets in the way of my holiday baking.air conditioning products

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