I have been with the same company for years, however, they have gone through more changes in the last year than the previous 20 combined. First, one of the partners left due to differences in opinion. That created a real rift between employees at the office because many were forced to pick sides. Now that he is gone entirely, it is a tad more stable here at the office. Speaking of the office, many aspects of our building are deteriorating due to the loss of money over the last year. Since they are going through many changes, some things get pushed aside and eventually forgotten about. I believe one of those things was the HVAC equipment. I don’t ever remember walking into the office prior to this year and feeling uncomfortable. People could wear short or long sleeves and still feel at home. Now, we must wear sweatshirts all darn day because the heater barely works. It seems to push out room temperature air at times and never really makes much of a difference. We used to see an HVAC technician in the building multiple times per year. He would get on top of a ladder and inspect things within the ceiling as well. That does not happen anymore. If this trend continues, I may be forced to find employment elsewhere. I can’t deal with this level of uncertainty in the workplace any longer and many other people feel the same way as I do. Perhaps my next employer will take better care of their heating and cooling equipment.

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