Some of my friends and family think that my life is perfect. I live at a tropical location far from the fast paced city life, I have a cool job where I get the joy of teaching others how to scuba dive and show them beautiful marine life and coral reefs, and my backyard is the ocean. It’s not all sunshine and pina coladas though, I have to work a lot of hours just to keep up with my bills, groceries are really expensive due to everything having to be imported too. I also have a very modest house, it definitely is not the Taj Mahal. On top of all this, my air conditioner is constantly breaking, just about every day it is making some strange noise and then shutting off. It’s the middle of summer right now and nothing is worse than a broken air conditioning. I spent the last couple nights in my bed under no sheets but still waking up in a pool of my own sweat, yuck! I think I have finally caved and decided to spend the little bit of money left in my savings to buy a new cooling system for my home. In the long run I’m pretty sure a newer more efficient system can save me some money on my utility bills. I think I will call my local HVAC service tomorrow and schedule a installation. Hopefully in a couple days I will be enjoying pina coladas and watching the sunset from my air conditioned living room, just like all my friends think I do every day.

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