Nowadays, almost every building has heat and air conditioning, but this was not the case when I was growing up. My first job as a teenager was at our local animal shelter. While there were many unpleasant aspects to the job, like cleaning out kennels and assisting with putting animals to sleep, there were plenty of upsides, too. Plus, the shelter had to have air conditioning for the health and comfort of all the animals. Working there made me realize that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. Before that job, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had many, many great memories helping animals at the shelter, but there were a few tough days. One time I’ll never forget was when the big air conditioner that kept the whole shelter cool randomly stopped working. We had to call several local HVAC companies to find one who could come as soon as possible, before any of the older animals overheated. Finally, we found an HVAC technician who could come in an hour. Later we found out that he had given up his lunch hour to come help us because he loved animals. When the folks who ran the shelter found out what the technician had done, they decided to make him their go-to HVAC technician. When he came in a few months later to get a puppy for his son, the shelter waived all the fees.

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I like to think of myself as a really hard worker. I do everything I can to succeed in whatever I attempt, whether during my day at work or some silly hobby at home. I always try to give 100%. I try not to complain, because I don’t believe that complaining has ever helped anyone finish anything. I probably get this attitude from my father. He was pretty hard on his kids, but it was because he wanted us to be successful in life. He was a great man, but he made us do a lot of ridiculous things to help “build character.” When my brother broke his leg climbing a tree, my father made him get a summer job to pay for the medical bills. My sister was only allowed to wear makeup if she allowed one of us (her brothers) to do it for her. Needless to say, she chose not to wear it. Then there was the time our air conditioner broke in the middle of summer. He decided that only spoiled kids would be so upset about losing a convenience like that. After all, he never had air conditioning growing up, and he turned out fine. So my dad made all three of us kids get summer jobs to pay for the new air conditioner ourselves. It was either that or no A/C all summer. Eventually I didn’t even mind going to work, because it was a lot cooler there than hanging around at our house. I hated him at the time, but when I got older I realized how important all of his lessons had been. When everyone else is complaining and slacking off, I’m working twice as hard and getting promoted.

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This past winter my furnace went out. Ugh! While agonizing over how much a new furnace would cost me, a co-worker mentioned that I might consider getting a heat pump instead. And because he knew that my air conditioner had gone on the fritz at the end of the summer (thank God it was at the end), he pointed out that a heat pump could also serve as an air conditioner. Now my co-worker sometimes likes to tease me, so I decided to check out this heat pump idea he mentioned.


It turns out my co-worker was right! When I called a local Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company, they confirmed that a heat pump basically operates like an air conditioner.  Then, in the winter, the heat pump heats the indoors by operating in reverse. They also pointed out that by having a heat pump installed, it could drastically reduce my winter heating bills. So I decided to make the leap and take a chance on a heat pump.


The HVAC guy guided me every step of the way. He explained what would be done beforehand, then answered any question I had during the installation. Afterward, the HVAC technician left me with detailed instructions on how to care for my heat pump – practical instructions not included in the owner’s operations manual. And now that winter is turning into spring, I can say that I have noticed a noticeable decrease in my heating bills this winter. In a few years, my savings will probably cover the cost of purchasing the heat pump. Having a heat pump installed was definitely the right choice for me.air conditioning filter

In grade school my sport of choice was track and field. There is something about strapping on your best running shoes and hitting a trail with reckless abandon. Whenever I would feel stressed out or something would be bothering me it wouldn’t be out of character for me to turn to running. Some people prefer running in the dirt, with barely a path and some people, like me, prefer to run circles on an already paved path or in other words, the school track. Living in the south though, spending large amounts of time come at a price. You had to be okay with breaking a sweat! The average temperature usually ranged within eighty and ninety degrees so I was no stranger to sweating through my shirt in very little time. After a good run, one of my favorite things to do was to walk into a building with cold air conditioning blasting. Cold air conditioning can be very soothing and relaxing. Often, it would put me at ease from my daily worries knowing I was in a place where I could kick back and chill out. My parents grew up without air conditioning in their homes because there was not a local HVAC business or air conditioner service nearby to accommodate. When I learned that it got me curious about HVAC technicians and what they really have to go through on a daily basis to make sure their servicing of air conditioning units is done properly. I decided to visit a local air conditioning service to find out more about the trade. Boy was I in for a treat! I learned so much and gained an even higher amount of respect for HVAC technicians.


In warmer environments a homeowner needs a quality cooling system that is set to the temperature they want. A heat pump is used in temperate environments. It works by transferring heat energy to either the indoor or outdoor unit. The unit does not create cooled air however. Most homeowners are unhappy with the lack of power the unit has for cooling. There are air conditioners that use ductwork. The HVAC ducts transfer the cooled air throughout the home through piping. However the entire home has to be set at one temperature. Zone control is what most homeowners want for their cooling system. A ductless mini-split or ductless multi-split system can be used for zone control. There is an outdoor air compressor unit and an indoor air handler. One indoor air handler is a mini-split system. A multi-split system can have up to eight air handlers in a home. Each indoor unit has an individual thermostat with the system. The thermostat can be set to the homeowner’s preference. If you have kids, each child can have their own air conditioner and thermostat. They can make their bedroom the temperature they want it and at the time they want it. The cooling system works for the homeowners needs. Additionally zone control will save a homeowner money. You no longer have to cool rooms that are not in use. You can save energy by only doing what is needed. The air conditioner does not need to work as hard so this lowers the repair costs as well. Zone control is perfect for your needs financially and emotionally. zone control

I just recently bought a new home in my dream neighborhood.   I have always wanted to live here ever since I was a little girl and now I finally have the chance to.  My  house is blue with white shutters and a white picket fence.  This is something I have always wanted as well.  What I didn’t want in a new home is an old HVAC system.  I know that older systems always have some sort of issue and if it doesn’t, it will in the near future.  Older HVAC systems also don’t run as efficiently as the newer ones.  Because of this, your energy bill may be higher than normal.  This in turn affects my wallet and disposable income, which I don’t like.   I would prefer to spend the money up front on a new system rather than put a lot of money into repairs, service calls, and inspections on an older system.  I have a little extra money right now, so I called the HVAC Company recommended to me by my real estate agent and asked if they could come take a look at my house and see what I could have done.  Upon arrival, they told me that my unit would need to be changed immediately due to a broken compressor which may be deemed a fire hazard.  Because of this, I went with the least expensive option, and that was to get a heating pump.  This way, I won’t be using any gas and the efficiency will be higher than it was with the HVAC unit I had before.  

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Every year during the holidays, we go to my grandparents house to celebrate and spend time together. We have a pretty small family which is perfect because my grandparent’s house is pretty small as it is. Every year, even though there are not many of us, we always have a feast as if there were 50 people to feed. My grandparents go all out when it comes to making food, decorating and getting everyone in the holiday spirit. When we go over to their house, we eat and drink and listen to Christmas music. We play games and watch television and just enjoy each other’s company. It is truly perfect and I don’t have any complaints. Well, there is one small thing that bothers me when I think about it. I love my grandparents but they are always freezing which means the heat is turned way up high whenever we go there. Usually, people would wear a sweater and pants to a Christmas party. I always make sure to wear a short sleeved shirt and thin layers. The house is so small that if someone saw me trying to turn the heat down in the thermostat, I would feel bad. I think the rest of my family feels the same way as me but nobody says anything. The heating system is obviously a good one because it works, but it just needs to be turned down a notch. I will probably just continue to suck it up and pretend I am not sweating. My grandparents are nice enough to host us and I just want to make them happy.

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I am a senior in college and am looking for a job.  All of my friends have secured positions for after college and now I am thinking it is getting down to the wire.  I have been interviewing like crazy and traveling all over to make sure that I have somewhere to go when I graduate.  My parents would be so mad at me if I came back from school without a job – the whole point was to go to school, learn and do enough to impress an employer, and then land a good job that would launch me into my successful career.  I finally got the interview that I had been hoping for.  It was for a company that I had always admired and was in my hometown.  This meant that I could live with my parents for a while to save money.  I was so nervous for the interview, so I wore my best suit.  However, this suit was very thick and the temperatures were a record high for the day, so needless to say I was very hot walking into the office.  When I got there, I was horrified to find that the air conditioning was not on.  It was actually broken and the only thing they had to cool the office down was a little window fan.  So I was nervous for the interview as well as sweating due to the very high temperatures in the office.  I probably sounded very stupid because I think my brain was fried from the heat.  However, I got the job and am now happily working at my dream job.  And to top it off, the air conditioning was fixed when I got there!

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One time on vacation up North, we stayed in a fancy hotel. My wife, my kids, and I agreed that probably our favorite part of the hotel stay was the radiant flooring in the rooms. After a long day of sledding in the snow and having snowball fights, we all loved to come inside and sit on the heated floors and take off our snowshoes and coats and just relax on it. I always envisioned only fancy hotels having this feature, due to it’s cost and also having to be installed during the construction of the home. We’ve lived in the same home out West for several years, so I always just thought it was too late and too expensive to have. However, after multiple vacations and stays in that same hotel, while we were checking out I jokingly told the front desk lady how I wish I could take the heated floors with me. She said she hears that a lot, and that most guests don’t know that you can actually have radiant flooring retrofitted into your floors in your home, and that it’s not quite as expensive as everyone initially thinks it is. I was very surprised to hear that, thanked her, and made a mental note to research it when we got back home. I ended up getting bids from various contractors for radiant flooring and actually got it installed at a reasonable price. Now, it doesn’t get as cold at our house as it does where the hotel is located, so we don’t actually use our new feature as often as we should, but it’s nice for colder days and for late-night bathroom trips.

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My whole family lives in the same town, so we are all very close, relationship-wise and distance-wise. I love all of them, but they are some of the most forgetful people I have ever met. Sometimes I have to call some of them to remind them to pay their phone bills or their internet bill. I feel like I’m responsible for a group of different adults in different houses at times. They all have pretty outdated HVAC units, too. So I told them that they really needed to take care of their units so they wouldn’t have to replace them anytime soon. They all said they would schedule their routine inspections and check on them every so often. Of course, that didn’t last very long at all. I found out a few of them hadn’t had their HVAC techs out in over a year and a half. I was disappointed, but not surprised. I went around to each of their houses and inspected them myself, only to find out the air filters were completely filled with dust and debris and appeared as though they hadn’t been changed in just as long. So in a fit, I sped over to the store and bought a brand new pack of air filters for each house, and I singlehandedly drove to each residence and changed their air filter for them. They all laughed about it and thanked me. I told them how serious it was to remember this basic task of changing your air filters. I decided that I would just replace them all myself every single month, and I have been doing it for all the houses now for a while.

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