I am starting my first year of college and am excited to get out of the house and live on my own. I won’t have to tell anyone where I am going or what time I will be home anymore. I am less excited about the heavier workload that comes along with college level classes but I’m sure I will get used to it. One thing that I have not gotten used to is the communal bathroom that my dorm room has for all the students living there. I don’t think I am being over critical when I say the sinks, toilets, and showers are down right unacceptable. Of the five sinks in the bathroom only two of them have working hot water, the other three will only produce cold water regardless of the handle you turn. The toilets are no better; one day they won’t flush and the next they won’t stop running and eventually the whole bathroom floods. This becomes particularly annoying because it’s not like there is any place else to shower and get ready for class. And don’t even get me started on the showers. One minute they will be the perfect temperature and the next moment steaming hot water comes out and forces you to step out of the stream. It gets worse if you are late getting up because after everyone else has showered there is hardly any hot water left. On top of all that the shower on the very end doesn’t even drain so no one uses it.

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A huge winter storm just settled in over my area of the country. The snow is so deep that the door pushes it when we open it to go outside. It has gotten so bad outside that we are just planning on staying in all weekend to avoid driving. I don’t really mind, though, because we are always running around and it would be nice to just stay in and relax for once. It is kind of like a mini vacation in our own home. My relaxation was disrupted suddenly, though, when the pipes in my bathroom froze solid. The bathroom pipes run along an exterior wall and apparently they got cold enough to freeze solid. I knew there was a danger of the ice expanding enough to burst my pipes, which was not something I wanted to deal with. I called the plumbing company that installed our bathroom fixtures and asked for their advice. They walked me through the steps to thaw my pipes safely and hopefully get hot water flowing again to the bathroom. Nothing ruins an in-home vacation like not being able to take a shower. Eventually I got the pipes thawed out and got water running again. I already have an appointment with the plumbing company to have them send a plumber out to check all my pipes for damage. Hopefully if there is anything leaking or broken the plumber can replace it before it becomes a bigger problem like a burst pipe. In the future I will do everything I can to prevent the pipes from freezing.

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I desperately want to install radiant flooring in my house.  No other type of heating can provide the multitude of benefits.  Instead of blasting dusty, hot air throughout the house, a radiant system gently warms the air and surfaces in the room.  Because all of the objects in the room are warm, the rate of heat loss from occupants is minimized.  With radiant flooring, you can set the thermostat three to five degrees lower, without sacrificing comfort.  Hot air rises.  When the heating system is placed under the floor, the temperature close to the floor tends to be a little higher than the rest of the room.  The coolest temperature is then found at the ceiling.  In other words, the heat is where the people are.  With a forced air furnace, the hot air quickly rises to the ceiling and only drops down once it has cooled.  If you’ve ever looked at furnaces and boilers, they tend to be rather unattractive.  A radiant system is completely hidden.  There’s no need to give up space or compromise aesthetics.  You don’t need to organize your furniture to take advantage of the heat.  The perfect temperature is consistent from corner to corner.  The system makes no noise, doesn’t create drafts, and is totally clean.  With a forced air system, you’re going to deal with dust, fumes, and germs.  If you suffer from allergies, radiant heat is the perfect solution.  You’re going to enjoy a much cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home.  If that’s not enough, these systems are extremely efficient.  When you install a radiant system, you can expect to cut your energy costs by twenty percent.  

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Paperless billing is the way to go. The days of receiving all your bills in the mail and then filling out a check to send back via mail are over. It is a thing of the past. Not only can you pay all your bills online now, but you can actually set up automatic withdrawal for most systems. This means that as soon as your bill is due, the company automatically extracts the money out of your checking or savings account. This is easy because you do not even have to worry about paying the bill on time. This helps avoid late fees and other things like that. There is also a downside, though. I rarely even look at the cost of some of these bills each month. Had I paid my water bill via mail every month, I probably could have diagnosed the issue with my plumbing a whole lot quicker. Instead, the increasingly high water bills were just being paid without me noticing how high they were getting. By the time I finally did notice, I called a plumber ASAP to get it straightened out. Usually a very high water bill means there is a leak somewhere in the system. The plumbing company I hired brought their leak detection technology over to the house and found that two of the three toilets in my home were running constantly. Because they are insulated so well, I did not hear this. The leaking bathroom plumbing was causing them to run far too long and this hiked my water bill way up.

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We were all gathered around the kitchen table a few weeks ago, when my son was in a very whiny mood. He is still fairly young, so he has his bad days and his good days. This was not necessarily a good day. We were struggling to have him sit still and just eat his dinner. We finally got him to calm down and he was eating his chicken noodle soup when all of a sudden he exclaimed that a drop of water landed on his head. We ignored him the first time, but then he said it happened again. Just to make sure he was not lying, I carefully watched the ceiling above him. Sure enough, another drop came falling down! That was the moment I knew the bathroom plumbing in our master suite was not working right. I had just showered before we started dinner, and it seemed as though the excess water from that shower was now leaking right above our heads. I knew the shower was directly over the kitchen table so I knew that was precisely the issue. I got on the phone with my plumber a few hours later and explained the issue to him over the phone. He said it was not uncommon and that he would swing by the house in the morning to check everything out. I was thankful to be in contact with a plumbing company that had my best interests in mind. He eventually figured it all out for us and I have not had a problem since that night.

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I have a relative that cannot hear no matter how close they are or how loudly you speak. It’s not that they are too old or have an actual hearing problem; it’s more like they are never actually listening. They are the type of person that is constantly asking you to repeat yourself. I get very annoyed with this to the point that I avoid talking to them at family gatherings because I can’t stand repeating myself. Sadly this winter I discovered that I had become the exact person that I dislike. When my out of date furnace turned on for the first time this winter season it was so loud that I could hardly hear from one side of the room to the other. My daughter asked me a question and without even thinking I asked her to repeat herself. The furnace was so loud it was disrupting our day-to-day lives. Finally I decided to do something about and called my local HVAC provider to have a technician come out and look at my existing furnace and suggest a new setup. After a quick look at my old furnace the technician said it was only a matter of time until it broke. He also said that the loud noise while it was on was a result of the furnace being really inefficient and it was probably costing me more money. Happily they will be installing a new HVAC unit in my home shortly. I can’t wait to be able to carry on a conversation even while the heat is on.

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My wife is always telling me to get with the times. She thinks I am stuck in the 80s. While i feel like a young guy still, I realize that some of my habits and belongings are still from a decade or two ago. For example, she has been telling me to wear more modern clothes for many years now. I still wear old tee shirts and my style may be a little stale as well. It takes a long time and a decent amount of money to completely update a wardrobe, though. I cannot just do it instantly. I know she realizes that, but sometimes it seems like she is being unfair to me. Not only will it be a process to update my clothing items, but my HVAC system will take a bit of time to update as well. For example, our heater is getting older and older. It is not getting any better, either. Sometimes, I wish it would just kick the dust completely so I would be forced to go out and buy a brand new furnace. However, that would also be unfortunate. I think I will finally get rid of our old furnace after this winter. I believe it will get us through a few more cold months. It has been serviced and maintained to the best of my HVAC technician’s ability. I can only hope there is no need for a furnace repair in the near future. Should it actually break down, I will simply tear it out and put new heating equipment in.climate control

My two sons are soccer fanatics. They love everything about the game. Anytime there is a match on TV, they will watch it. Anytime their friends are organizing a game at the park, they make sure they are there. Anytime they can get their foot on a ball, they take advantage of the opportunity. I love seeing them enamored with such a fantastic game. I even built them a makeshift field in the basement. I laid down some carpet and provided them with thick cardboard walls to line the rug with to make a little field. I bought two nets as well. While this certainly was a great idea because it gives my boys a chance to bond and have fun, I had to lay some ground rules in terms of safety. First, the cardboard was not to touch the furnace at any time. The way our basement is laid out, the edge of the carpet comes awfully close to the heating equipment. The last thing I need, however, is for my boys to be at risk of starting a fire. They mean the world to me and I never want them to be in danger like that. I wish I could somehow pick up and move the HVAC equipment into a different corner, but that would literally cost thousands of dollars. For now, I just hope they are being safe and not laying the cardboard too close to that gas heater of ours. So far, they are having a lot of fun and have taken safety seriously which is encouraging.

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I just moved down south from up north so I am still getting accustomed to all their ways and habits. Down south, the weather is a lot different so I am getting used to everything. I enjoy the warmth though so to me the climate change is a good thing. I have also noticed that compared to up north, people seem to be more friendly. I’m not sure why that is, but it is definitely true. People have manners and really seem to take an interest in you. I moved into my new home down south and the neighbors surrounding me were all so nice. Each one came to my door with something they cooked or baked and introduced themselves. They told me a little bit about the neighborhood and chatted with me for a while. One thing that I have noticed on most of my neighbors homes are outdoor ceiling fans. Down south, ceiling fans are a very popular thing. Of course, they are used to create air flow but they are more so used on front porches for decoration. I started to consider buying ceiling fans of my own to have installed on my front porch. They would look so nice with my rocking chairs out there too. Not only would they look nice, but they would help keep me cool on those warm, southern summer nights. Maybe I’ll even get some ceiling fans put in inside my home too. If we did not always want to keep the A/C on, ceiling fans are a good alternative in order to keep the bills down.

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As a makeup artist and nail technician, it is important to make my clients look and feel good. What I do is very visible. What I do gives immediate joy or disappointment. People call on me when they are going to special events, to teach them how to put on makeup, or for photo shoots. Most of my clients are regular, everyday people. The surprising change in my field is that we are seeing more and more men clients. Men have begun to care about their hair, their skin and how they present themselves. While men start off with manicures, soon they are getting pedicures and facials. Some even graduate to light makeup to cover flaws such as dark circles under their eyes or severe acne. Of course I keep their identities a secret. It’s not that they have anything to be ashamed of. But since that’s the way they prefer it, I honor their wishes. Basically the client has to be satisfied. My air conditioning guy knows this principle. Even though he has told me because I change my filters monthly and have regular maintenance done that my system is fine, he indulges me and comes out to check it quarterly. I am sure my annual maintenance fee increases cover the cost of his time, but I still appreciate that he does not make me feel bad about calling him out so often. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s being hot. So even if I pay a little more, I would rather do that and have the peace of mind that my air conditioner will always work.HVAC