I just moved down south from up north so I am still getting accustomed to all their ways and habits. Down south, the weather is a lot different so I am getting used to everything. I enjoy the warmth though so to me the climate change is a good thing. I have also noticed that compared to up north, people seem to be more friendly. I’m not sure why that is, but it is definitely true. People have manners and really seem to take an interest in you. I moved into my new home down south and the neighbors surrounding me were all so nice. Each one came to my door with something they cooked or baked and introduced themselves. They told me a little bit about the neighborhood and chatted with me for a while. One thing that I have noticed on most of my neighbors homes are outdoor ceiling fans. Down south, ceiling fans are a very popular thing. Of course, they are used to create air flow but they are more so used on front porches for decoration. I started to consider buying ceiling fans of my own to have installed on my front porch. They would look so nice with my rocking chairs out there too. Not only would they look nice, but they would help keep me cool on those warm, southern summer nights. Maybe I’ll even get some ceiling fans put in inside my home too. If we did not always want to keep the A/C on, ceiling fans are a good alternative in order to keep the bills down.

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