As a makeup artist and nail technician, it is important to make my clients look and feel good. What I do is very visible. What I do gives immediate joy or disappointment. People call on me when they are going to special events, to teach them how to put on makeup, or for photo shoots. Most of my clients are regular, everyday people. The surprising change in my field is that we are seeing more and more men clients. Men have begun to care about their hair, their skin and how they present themselves. While men start off with manicures, soon they are getting pedicures and facials. Some even graduate to light makeup to cover flaws such as dark circles under their eyes or severe acne. Of course I keep their identities a secret. It’s not that they have anything to be ashamed of. But since that’s the way they prefer it, I honor their wishes. Basically the client has to be satisfied. My air conditioning guy knows this principle. Even though he has told me because I change my filters monthly and have regular maintenance done that my system is fine, he indulges me and comes out to check it quarterly. I am sure my annual maintenance fee increases cover the cost of his time, but I still appreciate that he does not make me feel bad about calling him out so often. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s being hot. So even if I pay a little more, I would rather do that and have the peace of mind that my air conditioner will always work.HVAC

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