My two sons are soccer fanatics. They love everything about the game. Anytime there is a match on TV, they will watch it. Anytime their friends are organizing a game at the park, they make sure they are there. Anytime they can get their foot on a ball, they take advantage of the opportunity. I love seeing them enamored with such a fantastic game. I even built them a makeshift field in the basement. I laid down some carpet and provided them with thick cardboard walls to line the rug with to make a little field. I bought two nets as well. While this certainly was a great idea because it gives my boys a chance to bond and have fun, I had to lay some ground rules in terms of safety. First, the cardboard was not to touch the furnace at any time. The way our basement is laid out, the edge of the carpet comes awfully close to the heating equipment. The last thing I need, however, is for my boys to be at risk of starting a fire. They mean the world to me and I never want them to be in danger like that. I wish I could somehow pick up and move the HVAC equipment into a different corner, but that would literally cost thousands of dollars. For now, I just hope they are being safe and not laying the cardboard too close to that gas heater of ours. So far, they are having a lot of fun and have taken safety seriously which is encouraging.

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