My wife is always telling me to get with the times. She thinks I am stuck in the 80s. While i feel like a young guy still, I realize that some of my habits and belongings are still from a decade or two ago. For example, she has been telling me to wear more modern clothes for many years now. I still wear old tee shirts and my style may be a little stale as well. It takes a long time and a decent amount of money to completely update a wardrobe, though. I cannot just do it instantly. I know she realizes that, but sometimes it seems like she is being unfair to me. Not only will it be a process to update my clothing items, but my HVAC system will take a bit of time to update as well. For example, our heater is getting older and older. It is not getting any better, either. Sometimes, I wish it would just kick the dust completely so I would be forced to go out and buy a brand new furnace. However, that would also be unfortunate. I think I will finally get rid of our old furnace after this winter. I believe it will get us through a few more cold months. It has been serviced and maintained to the best of my HVAC technician’s ability. I can only hope there is no need for a furnace repair in the near future. Should it actually break down, I will simply tear it out and put new heating equipment in.climate control

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