Paperless billing is the way to go. The days of receiving all your bills in the mail and then filling out a check to send back via mail are over. It is a thing of the past. Not only can you pay all your bills online now, but you can actually set up automatic withdrawal for most systems. This means that as soon as your bill is due, the company automatically extracts the money out of your checking or savings account. This is easy because you do not even have to worry about paying the bill on time. This helps avoid late fees and other things like that. There is also a downside, though. I rarely even look at the cost of some of these bills each month. Had I paid my water bill via mail every month, I probably could have diagnosed the issue with my plumbing a whole lot quicker. Instead, the increasingly high water bills were just being paid without me noticing how high they were getting. By the time I finally did notice, I called a plumber ASAP to get it straightened out. Usually a very high water bill means there is a leak somewhere in the system. The plumbing company I hired brought their leak detection technology over to the house and found that two of the three toilets in my home were running constantly. Because they are insulated so well, I did not hear this. The leaking bathroom plumbing was causing them to run far too long and this hiked my water bill way up.

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