We were all gathered around the kitchen table a few weeks ago, when my son was in a very whiny mood. He is still fairly young, so he has his bad days and his good days. This was not necessarily a good day. We were struggling to have him sit still and just eat his dinner. We finally got him to calm down and he was eating his chicken noodle soup when all of a sudden he exclaimed that a drop of water landed on his head. We ignored him the first time, but then he said it happened again. Just to make sure he was not lying, I carefully watched the ceiling above him. Sure enough, another drop came falling down! That was the moment I knew the bathroom plumbing in our master suite was not working right. I had just showered before we started dinner, and it seemed as though the excess water from that shower was now leaking right above our heads. I knew the shower was directly over the kitchen table so I knew that was precisely the issue. I got on the phone with my plumber a few hours later and explained the issue to him over the phone. He said it was not uncommon and that he would swing by the house in the morning to check everything out. I was thankful to be in contact with a plumbing company that had my best interests in mind. He eventually figured it all out for us and I have not had a problem since that night.

bathroom plumbing

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