I desperately want to install radiant flooring in my house.  No other type of heating can provide the multitude of benefits.  Instead of blasting dusty, hot air throughout the house, a radiant system gently warms the air and surfaces in the room.  Because all of the objects in the room are warm, the rate of heat loss from occupants is minimized.  With radiant flooring, you can set the thermostat three to five degrees lower, without sacrificing comfort.  Hot air rises.  When the heating system is placed under the floor, the temperature close to the floor tends to be a little higher than the rest of the room.  The coolest temperature is then found at the ceiling.  In other words, the heat is where the people are.  With a forced air furnace, the hot air quickly rises to the ceiling and only drops down once it has cooled.  If you’ve ever looked at furnaces and boilers, they tend to be rather unattractive.  A radiant system is completely hidden.  There’s no need to give up space or compromise aesthetics.  You don’t need to organize your furniture to take advantage of the heat.  The perfect temperature is consistent from corner to corner.  The system makes no noise, doesn’t create drafts, and is totally clean.  With a forced air system, you’re going to deal with dust, fumes, and germs.  If you suffer from allergies, radiant heat is the perfect solution.  You’re going to enjoy a much cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home.  If that’s not enough, these systems are extremely efficient.  When you install a radiant system, you can expect to cut your energy costs by twenty percent.  

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