Way back one week I had to meet my study group on campus. I have recently started getting my MBA this also was the first weekend that I had to venture to campus to do some work. We decided to meet within the basement of the building in which our lecture hall was located. It turned out to even be 8 in the morning and I was the 1st person to be there. I walked in and I possibly could tell they were doing some sort of construction and labor on the inside of the building there. Almost none of the lights were working and there were construction workers all through the halls down there. I minded my own business and waited for my teammates to finally show up. While I was waiting I decided to discover a comfortable seat in the coffee shop area located nearby. The actual cafe was closed nevertheless the room with tables and recliners was open for students to use. It’s a gorgeous room enclosed with bottom to ceiling windows and french doors. The only issue actually is that the room has been ice cold! I looked around for another room we could work in peace, but there was nothing I could find! The rest of the study rooms were either being labored on or had no electricity to use to see. We chose to keep on our coats and work fast within the cold room there. Half way through our meeting, I walked upstairs to talk to the construction worker about why it was so cold in the room. He told me that it was because of the electrical updates they were doing this weekend. They had the HVAC company arrive to do a routine service revise per usual. Come to find out, the HVAC system needed several repairs that needed to be done soon. Winter was right around the corner and also the disabled HVAC system could not carry on any longer for the cold winter. The construction worker offered people his portable space heater at the moment to keep us toasty although we finished our homework quickly. Although it was frustrating to have to be in the cold, I am happy it won’t be that way all winter long this year.


Buying something for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if it is a major purchase. I remember the summer before my senior year of high school, I worked every day at the local greenhouse and saved almost all of my earnings to buy a car for myself. My parents told me that they were not going to help me out financially with a car because they wanted to make me felt like I earned it. While this philosophy was frustrating at the beginning of the summer, it most certainly felt good by the end of it when I was the proud owner of my first vehicle. Unlike buying my first car, buying my first house was a bit more stressful. It involved so much more work, especially with the plumbing. We decided to gut the kitchen and totally remodel that space. My wife picked out the layout and we decided where the appliances as well as the sink would be positioned. Because we were changing everything up, the plumbing equipment had to be altered to allow everything to still function. I didn’t realize how much work and money that was going to cost. We got a guy in there that was very experienced and did all our kitchen plumbing over again to the point that most of it was brand new. It cost me a few bucks and a few weeks of frustration, but I must say that it looks fantastic now. Even the sink and the water hookup in the fridge works flawlessly which is awesome.

kitchen plumbing 

I’m not sure where the fear came from. As far back as I can remember, I have been afraid to have my hair washed. By the time I was a little girl, I was terrified of having my hair washed. I am not sure what I was afraid of. I know I still cannot stand to have water in my eyes. That has hindered me from learning to swim. Perhaps my mischievous brother whispered to me that getting shampoo in my eyes would blind me. Or maybe it had to do with having shampoo sting my eyes a few times. Plus, I did not like the feeling of water getting in my ears.

My mother knew how much I hated to get my hair washed so she would sit on the edge of the tub with me laying in her lap. This way I could lie on my back and most of the water would drip backwards instead of into my eyes. When I got old enough to wash my hair myself, the only thing that scared me was thinking about if the hot water stopped working and I had to rinse with cold water. So I contacted an HVAC company when I bought my first house to ensure I would never have a problem with my hot water heater. The HVAC technician checked it out and suggested I have it maintained once a year, but I opted to have it done twice a year. He would check my heater to make sure it was operating as it should and that the water temperature was at an optimal temperature. I’m still afraid, but at least I’m assumed that my hot water heater won’t give out on me.

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Times have changed in my family. I grew up in a lower middle class family in the heart of the city. I had four brothers and sisters even though we only lived in a three bedroom house. This meant that there was a need for us to share bedrooms. Not only that, but there was only one full bathroom upstairs which meant all us kids had to share one sink and one shower. That seems like it would be impossible nowadays, but it was just normal for all of us I suppose. The only bad thing was running out of hot water in the mornings if you were the last one to take a shower. I remember begging my father to call the plumber and ask about upgrading our water heater many times. He would always respond the same way. He would tell me that plumbing work is expensive and ask how much money was in my piggy bank. Obviously I did not have enough money to hire a plumber all by myself, so we were forced to continue using our current water heater. Now that I am older and have my own kids, I made sure that they have their own bathroom as well as shower. I have a tankless water heater that is far superior to the one I grew up with. It can provide enough hot water for our family which is really nice because nobody ever has to take a cold shower. My kids may not thank me for it, but I know that they appreciate it.

hot water heater 


I recently got into a little argument with a friend of mine about the topic of favorites. We normally agree on everything, especially when it comes to what things we hold over everything else. Food? Waffle fries. Movie? Minority Report. Ancient philosopher? Thales. It makes our friendship easy going when we are on the same page with literally everything. Plus, if we ever decided to get married and go on one of those game shows detailing how well you know your spouse, we will most definitely kill it. The argument we had was our opinion on the most essential thing for summer time. No question for me, air conditioning is the ultimate comfort on a hot day. My friend had a different answer, being a pool. A pool though, really?! An air conditioning unit is prevalent in all the areas of life, from the grocery store to your vehicle to your home. There is nothing more essential in every step of summer life than a blasting chill of air conditioning. I have to say it really bothered me that she wouldn’t agree with me that proper temperature control is much more important than a chlorinated water hole. The most ironic part of this whole story is that as we were arguing, we were sitting in an air conditioned apartment! She hadn’t been to a pool all summer and yet that somehow trumped HVAC in her mind. Honestly, with the amount of money we spend collectively on our electric bill in the summer (due to the air conditioning) you’d think she would have more respect for the thing!

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I work at a restaurant. Because I am part of the serving staff, I only work during peak hours. This means that I get in an hour before the lunch rush and leave when it is finished. I then return to wait tables for the dinner crowd. This leaves me with a two hour gap each day in which I have nothing to do. Rather than wasting my time and going home to nap or something like that, I like to feel productive instead. That is why I head to the library instead. There, I can do a variety of different things. I can read a book, go online or simply collect my thoughts in a quiet yet public place. I love going there. Well, I used to love it. Ever since their HVAC system has been acting up, though, it has been a completely different story. What is wrong with it? Well, the head librarian tells me that they have a bad piece of heating equipment. She says it is many decades old and there are many issues with it. They cannot fix it because they are funded by the state and they cut their budget by a little each year. This leaves them with little to no money to allocate towards projects like HVAC equipment. I wish there was a way to get around that because it is much too cold in that place nowadays. I may stop going altogether if it does not improve soon. The library is struggling as it is, and a broken heater is only making it worse.

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Do you like where you currently reside? A few years ago, my wife looked at me when I got home and asked if I was truly happy with my life. I told her yes, of course I was. I loved her and the kids very much. That was not what she was talking about, though. She was talking more about my career and the area in which we lived. To be honest, I hadn’t been happy with either of those things in a very long time prior to moving out west. After I expressed how I felt, we made the big move to the west where the opportunity was greater and the weather was warmer. Besides the obvious changes, I also had to deal with a different HVAC system in our new house. Ever since I was a little one, I lived in a house that used a gas furnace to stay warm. In the new property, we utilize a heat pump to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is incredibly comforting knowing that a single system has our back no matter the temperature outside. It acts as both a heater and an air conditioner depending on the temperature outside. I must say that I am much happier out here and the heat pump in my house is a part of that happiness. I do not think I will ever move back east and deal with the snow and frigid weather ever again. The days of wearing out a gas heater in 10 years because the winters were so brutal are behind me.

heating and air conditioning

While I have been a homeowner for decades, my husband has always been the one to handle the HVAC system.  From the beginning of our relationship, he always took the lead on the equipment in our basement, while I focused on other systems in the home, like the kitchen’s appliances.  So when he was out of the country for two weeks on a business trip when our HVAC system quit, I had no other choice but to handle the issue myself.  After checking out the system, I found the current air filter to be in need of a replacement.  I thought that would be a simple fix, so I visited my local home improvement store to purchase a new filter.  When a kind sales associate asked what size my old filter was, I had no idea what to tell her.  I didn’t think to measure the filter before heading to the store.  I just assumed that all filters were the same!  Now, I was beginning to feel like an idiot.  I returned home to measure the filter and headed back to the store to purchase the correct sized filter.  The same sales associate was working and made me feel much better when she said that most people think that filters are all the same size and don’t think to measure them before heading to the store.  I know I won’t make that mistake again.  I purchased a few filters so we will have some on back up for the future.  I decided not to tell my husband this story of my air filter confusion.


Every summer my family takes a trip to our beach house down south. The trip always lives up to my standards, however the drive there does not. The nine hour drive to the house always proves to be more interesting and crazy than the drive the summer before. Between my brother screaming his head off, my dad’s road rage, and my mom singing as if she’s Whitney Houston, I would rather walk than be stuck in the car with them for nine hours. However, no matter how many times I propose this option my parents always turn it down and I am left sitting next to my brother on our drive which I have nicknamed “hell.” This time my brother and I has the air conditioning blasting. It was 94 degrees outside and every time we stopped at a rest stop, getting out of the car was like walking onto the equator. With five hours left in our drive, we stopped at a McDonalds for dinner. As we were walking from the parking lot to the car I could feel my body become sticky with sweat thanks to the sweltering heat. I expected a cool rush of hot air as we entered the McDonalds. However the air inside was hotter than the air outside. I begged for my parents to order my food so I could sit in the air conditioning since of the car. My dad sternly declined my idea and we were left standing in a line at least eighty people long. As the line slowly inched forward, I thought that I was going to die without air conditioning.

air conditioning equipment

I was recently laid off from my great sales job.  I had been with the company for the last 20 years but they recently lost a huge client and had to make some changes.  I was making very good money at the company.  As a result, my lifestyle was very expensive.  The car I drove and the home I lived in were very costly.  My kids were enrolled in private high schools with pricey tuitions.  For the first month, I was in shock.  Would I be able to find another job that was paying even close to what I was making?  I felt fortunate enough that I had saved money over the years and that my wife had a decent paying job, but there were many unanswered questions that I had bubbling in my mind.  Our children’s education was very important so we had no plans to pull them out of their current schools.  But I ended up trading in my expensive car for a more reasonably priced one, at least until I started making money again.  With my home as large as it is, we decided to shut off the heat for a part of the home that we rarely used.  My wife also suggested that we look into having a zone control heating system installed to lower our heat costs each month.  After an estimate with our local HVAC company, I agreed that this would be a good decision.  I never thought that I would be going through this at my age, but I’m trying my best to stay positive.

zone control