Every year, my company has a holiday party for all of its employees.  It’s nice to get together with everyone to celebrate a year’s worth of hard work.  This party is always held during the work day, in the office’s front conference room.  It is kept pretty low-key, we just order pizzas and bring in snack foods and desserts.  The employees chip in some money for gifts for the supervisor and manager, while the management in turn buys a little something for the office.  While this past year’s event didn’t go as planned, it will be one that everyone will always remember.  Unfortunately, on the morning of the party, as everyone was coming into work, the heating system shut down completely.  Because the office is in a shopping plaza, the property management superintendent had to be contacted.  Then it would be his responsibility to fix the heating system or hire a local HVAC company to perform the repair.  This person is in charge of several plazas and took a while to check out the broken system.  Our party was going to go on as originally planned.  Only now, we would have to bundle up in our sweaters and winter jackets in an attempt to keep warm.  By the time we were halfway through our lunch, the maintenance superintendent arrived to our office, bringing along with him a certified HVAC technician.  The system only required a simple fix.  To show our gratitude, we insisted that both the maintenance person and HVAC technician hang around for the remainder of our party.

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I recently moved into my first apartment and I am already loving it! I moved in early fall and have spent my first few months getting comfortable and used to the change.  I live in an area where the snow comes early, it can last almost half the year and it gets cold fast. Last night, was the first real snowfall.  I could not sleep at all because I was so cold!  I had three blankets and fleece pajamas on and still could not warm up, I knew something was wrong.  I called my dad this morning to ask what I should do, he suggested I call my landlord so I did.  My landlord told me that he would come by after work but he suspected it was the HVAC because it had not had a tune up all year long.  When he came over to check it out he brought along the local HVAC technician because the landlord is not an expert on the heating system.  The technician looked at my thermostat a few times and then went into the basement of the apartment complex.  When he came back upstairs, he said that the furnace needed a quick repair and he had already taken care of it.  He mentioned that the heat should kick back on within a few hours.  I am so thrilled that my landlord acted fast on this issue because I would have been freezing all night long again.  It’s good to know that the furnace in my complex should be working well all season long and that if something does happen my landlord has a reliable HVAC contractor to call.

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Waking up on a freezing cold winter day is something that can be so uncomfortable for just about everyone, including many pets. My wife and kids used to complain about how cold our floors could get during the middle of winter. When getting up in the early hours of the morning for work and school,ice cold floors made the process much more difficult and uncomfortable. Cold feet and other extremities can also lead to catching a cold, which of course also sets us back from our daily lives. Before our family discovered the technology of heated hardwood floors, we thought this problem would always be just one of those facts of life. After seeing a commercial from one of our local HVAC businesses, we decided that heated hardwood floors would be a great thing to have in our home. The HVAC company could not have been more helpful, and they sent a certified HVAC technician over to our house in what seemed like no time. The technician was extremely knowledgable, and gave us a great price. It was a breeze doing business with him, and he and his team got to work the very same day. The heated floors were installed by the evening, and a “floor” setting was added to the HVAC control system in our basement. This setting allows us to heat any floor in the house at the touch of a button. The feature can even set a timer to have the heating come on at a certain time, so that the floors are nice and warm for when you wake up, and to not waste unneeded energy. Now that we have HVAC floor heating in our home, severely cold weather is no longer a huge problem for us indoors. Even socks and slippers are no longer needed! The installation process was smooth as can be, and didn’t require and removing of flooring. I highly recommend heated floors to anyone in this climate.

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Having a party at your house can be a stressful affair. The primary goal of a host is to make sure that each individual guest is completely comfortable and not in need of anything. Fourth of July parties are some of the most fun of the entire calendar year. As we all know, July is the hottest month of the year, and so a host must take all the necessary steps to prevent guests from feeling too hot. Usually guests can come inside the house to cool down in the air conditioning, from the heat out in the backyard. This year however, our HVAC unit broke the day before our big party. What we had on our hands was a crisis, and so we called our favorite HVAC business to get a technician out right away for repairs. The repair specialist was in our driveway no less than 30 minutes after we called the HVAC repair hotline, and he found the problem right away. With his quickness and professionalism, the HVAC technician saved our party from becoming too hot to bear, as temperatures soared that weekend. If it wasn’t for this fast and efficient HVAC repair service, I don’t know what me and my wife would have done.


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My dad was a really great guy. He was very reliable and trustworthy, and I still look up to him as the ideal father. He always listened to us and made us feel important, even if it was just about whatever we did at school that day. When I was growing up, my dad was an HVAC technician. He was very handy around the house, and he could fix almost anything. It was nice to know that we would never have to worry about our air conditioner breaking in the middle of the summer or our furnace breaking in the middle of the winter. He made a pretty good living, and he enjoyed being able to help people. When you think about it, making sure people have good heating and cooling is really important. What was kind of annoying, though, was his obsession with the energy bill. He knew a lot of energy saving tips that other people don’t know, and it became his ultimate goal to use every single one of them. For example, our house had a top of the line dryer, but our dad made us use a clothesline. He always had the thermostat programmed, and we were never, ever allowed to touch it. He always kept it a little too cold in the winter, and a little too hot in the summer, so we were never really comfortable. I know it’s important to save money, but I’d rather cut out another luxury than sit around sweating or shivering in my house.

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My friend from college married a guy that is the definition of frugal.  He has tried everything to save a buck.  My friend has learned to accept this but I have had a hard time with it, although I’m very happy that she is happy. As a result of the husband’s cheap ways, their home has been compromised in many ways.  Typically, when we plan on getting together, my friend will come to my house.  But last month, my husband was hosting his co-worker’s poker night, so we had no choice but to catch up at my friend’s home.  When I arrived at my friend’s house, I immediately remembered that her husband barely runs the heating system in the winter in an effort to save some money.  This time visiting was no different, except I forgot to dress for the occasion.  My friend was gracious enough to provide me with a hooded sweatshirt and a scarf to provide some warmth.  After we had finished small talk, I had to ask what the temperature in the house was.  She admitted that the thermostat is always kept at 58 degrees, unless the temperature outside is below zero, then her husband will raise the thermostat to 62 degrees.  I thought this was the craziest thing I had ever heard of.  Both my friend and her partner worked great jobs and made a good living, this behavior seemed totally unnecessary.  My friend has always defended her husband and this time was no different, I just hope that she is sincerely happy with her marriage.

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I’ve recently started training for my first 5k run. For some people, that distance would be a piece of cake, but for me it will be a real accomplishment. Before I started this training, I had never run before. At first I was not very good. I could barely run for five minutes without wanting to give up and watch some TV on the couch. That’s why I decided to buy a gym membership. At first, I joined a gym because I thought it would be a lot harder for me to quit whenever I felt uncomfortable. I also thought being around other active people would help motivate me. I met a lot of friendly people with great advice, but I couldn’t stand the temperature in the gym. It was always so cold that I could think about anything else. I asked them about changing the thermostat, but they said they had to keep it really cold for the other customers. I doubt that all the other customers really want to feel like they’re running in a freezer. I think they just turned the air conditioning on way too high on purpose to discourage people from staying for several hours. If everyone stayed that long, there would never be enough equipment in the gym. I hope they have an energy efficient HVAC system, because if they don’t, their bill must be outrageous. Now I’ve wasted all that money on a gym membership, because I’m working out more and more at home where I can control my A/C.

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Over the past 10 years, I have been renting various apartments in the city where I live.  I have just about had it with being a renter.  Sure, you don’t have to deal with structural problems in the home, but I no longer want to deal with having a landlord or paying for something monthly and not see a return.  I have been house hunting for a while and just found a place that I have put an offer on.  The house needs some work but I welcome the responsibility that comes with being a homeowner.  I have waited such a long time for this and have saved quite a bit of money that I plan to put into the home.  This specific house will need new windows and added insulation, which I plan to do immediately upon moving in.  It is almost winter time and in my city the winters are very cold, so I want to make sure that I am getting the most out of my heating system.  The real estate agent disclosed that the heating system itself is quite new, so I shouldn’t have any problems.  I do plan to contact a local HVAC company and sign up for a service plan.  This way I will not have to worry about the system quitting on me when I really need it.  I am also looking into installing a central air conditioner as the summers in my city can get very muggy.  I have a hard time breathing in such weather, so it would be nice to have a comfortable environment during the summer.

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Next weekend my family will be moving into a new house on the other side of town. We will finally have a back yard with a nice fence so we can let the dogs run free without having to worry. There’s an above ground pool, which will be great in the summer, though we will need to clean it up a bit. There’s also a really nice play set for the kids and for the first time in my adult life I’ll have a covered porch too. I used to love watching the thunderstorms come in with my parents when I was little, but since I’ve been living on my own we never had any cover from the rain. As far as the HVAC system goes however, there currently isn’t one. The previous owners had taken out the old heating and cooling equipment, but nobody has lived there since, so we still need to purchase a new one. Climate control is pretty important to us, but we figured that we paid less for the house, partly because there was no HVAC system in it. So now we’ll use those savings to pay for the air conditioner and furnace of our choice. We got in touch with the local shop that sells heating and cooling equipment and set up an appointment for them to come by and help us pick out the right HVAC, based on the size and layout of the house. They will be meeting us at the house on Monday, installing the heating and cooling equipment we pick out on Wednesday, and we’ll be moving in on Friday.air quality products

I try to take one new lesson learned from every single day. Sometimes the most valuable lesson of the day is obvious and sometimes it’s hard to think of one, which usually means it was an unproductive, lazy day. Usually I find that I learn my lessons outside of the home. Either at the office, on the way to work, or while running errands. A lot of times they are lessons of dealing with other people, because the social realm is often the biggest mystery to me. For the first time in a long time though, today’s lesson took place inside my home. The lesson was learned from my HVAC system. Yesterday I noticed some strange sounds coming from the vents, so I went and checked on the air conditioner. It really seemed to be straining quite a bit, but since I know next to nothing about heating and cooling equipment, I decided it would be best for me to pick up the phone a schedule a visit from an HVAC technician. When he showed up today, the first thing he checked was the thermostat. Once he was satisfied that all was in order there, he started to inspect the actual air conditioner unit. What he found was that I had apparently been seriously slacking at my HVAC maintenance. In fact, I didn’t know that I had to have it checked on at all as long as it was working. The air filter was super clogged and basically choking out my air conditioner. So I scheduled a proper cleaning and hopefully this will solve the problem!

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