I feel like high velocity is the best kept secret in the HVAC world. Most people know about air conditioners. There are cooling units that can sit in your windows in your bedrooms. Also there are cooling units that use ductwork to transfer the cold air throughout your home. People have learned that ductwork is kind of awful though. Ductwork installation and maintenance is basically a full time job. The installation process is messy and time consuming. Additionally older homes cannot handle the setup of ductwork by a HVAC technician. That leaves ductless mini-split air conditioning or a heat pump as the only option. But there is the option to get high velocity air conditioning for your home. Most homeowners are not aware of this option. High velocity air conditioning has the best of both worlds. The air conditioner can reach all areas of your home using ductwork. The ductwork is not the expensive and fragile ductwork that homeowners are familiar with. High velocity air conditioning ductwork is stronger. The ductwork is half the size and is bendy. It can fit into the walls and ceilings without tearing them down. The ductwork bends and twists to accommodate an older home. The air conditioner also has amazing cooling powers. It can quickly whip the air around your home and lower the temperature in minutes. The system is meant to circulate cooler air at a quicker rate. It increases your comfort level at home and reduces the HVAC maintenance. Start researching high velocity air conditioning and see if it is right for you.


My family has really had a lot of heating systems in our time. We I was a kid we used an older boiler system to keep our house warm. It was a hot water boiler system that was in the house before we moved in. It lasted for years and was not great at heating. We had to use a space heater in the kitchen to keep our house warm. Then we upgraded to a gas furnace in our home. The gas furnace was better but it was a forced air system. This meant you would turn on the heating system and it would keep on eating. The furnace would not know to shut off and on. The furnace would heat our home over eighty degrees if we were not careful. We had to remember to turn it on too. The furnace’s thermostat did not know what was the temperature we wanted our home at. It would never command the heating system. Then when I moved out my parents decided to get radiant flooring. The radiant flooring was awesome because there were no hot and cold spots. Every surface and corner of the home was heated. None of the heated air rose to the ceiling and wasted money. The radiant flooring also was in all our home’s floorboards. Then my family migrated down south when I graduated college. In my parent’s new home they were able to get a heat pump system. Since the weather is not as cold a heat pump would still be effective. It is the most energy efficient system out there.


These frosty temperatures are very rare down here in the south. I lived up north all my life until just a few years ago. I made the big move down here to experience the warmer temperature. While most months are pretty warm down here, we are actually seeing the biggest snowstorm down here in decades. With that, many of the locals are freaking out. We got a couple inches of snow last night and that pretty much closed down everything in the city. It’s not so much that they are scared of the snow, it’s more to do with the lack of plows and salt they have to keep the roads clear and safe. Speaking of safety, homes can become dangerous places in these temperatures as well. For example, my neighbor had left for a few days and actually turned his heat off entirely. The result was frozen pipes that burst. A plumber had to be called to repair all the damage. Once the plumbing company wrapped up the repairs, a contractor also had to be called to do a bunch of drywall work to fix the damaged walls and ceilings. It was a complete and utter mess. The plumber stayed around after he completed the job to give my neighbor a few tips about plumbing in the winter. If you have lived down here all your life, you may not know that pipes can freeze and cause real harm to your living space. I bet he will remember to keep his heat on the next time he leaves his home in the middle of winter.

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