It took me many years to figure it out, but I finally figured out my perfect profession. I am a personal shopper. I was never very good at math or science, and I don’t like to read. I don’t like cooking or baking much, either. There’s really only one thing I’m good at, and that’s shopping. I always know where and when the best sales are, and I am always up to date on the latest fashions. I originally moved away from my hometown to become an actress, but then I discovered I was more passionate about what actors were wearing at award shows than actually learning how to act. For some reason thermostats are always kept near freezing in most stores. I think they hope that blasting the air conditioner will convince you to buy more clothes, kind of like how restaurants try to convince you to buy more food. It could also just be because it gets so hot out in the summer that they’re hoping to lure customers in just to get out of the heat. I spend several hours a day in these stores, so I usually have to wear a big coat in the middle of the summer to combat the freezing air conditioning. I don’t like getting all of the strange looks from other customers, and I hate how the workers follow me around because they suspect I’m shoplifting, but I just can’t stand to be in the A/C all day. I almost wish they didn’t even have A/C at all, but I bet I would regret that.

Me and my husband decided to take on a huge project.  We bid on a home that was up for foreclosure and ended up getting the house.  We thought it would be a long shot, but there were not many people at the auction.  This house was in a great area and we got it for next to nothing.  Of course, we had to keep thinking realistically, since we could be spending a lot on repairs and renovations in the house.  We had no idea what we were in for.  On the first walk through the home, we found that there was some serious water damage done from the home’s plumbing system.  The floor tiles around the bathroom’s toilet was extremely uneven and bumpy.  Upon further investigation, we found a similar problem in the basement where the former washer and dryer were located.  We had already created a list of certified professionals to assist us with the renovations.  So I contacted a local plumber that was able to come over the same day.  He recommended that the entire plumbing system be replaced.  Many of the pipes had burst, since no one was living in the house over the winter season.  Of course, both me and my husband agreed.  We wanted to get the important issues fixed first before spending thousands on granite countertops or fancy comforters for our bedrooms.  This way, we will not have to worry about the plumbing system as everything will be brand new and installed in the correct fashion.  I cannot imagine the type of people that were living in this house before we purchased it.bathroom plumbing appliances

The area where I live has extremely frigid winters.  There are weeks where the temperature outside will not rise above the zero degree mark.  Not only is this torture for kids and pets, who are suggested to not be outside for longer than a few minutes, but it can wreak havoc on your home if you do not take proper precautions.  Your home’s plumbing system is a delicate system that should be treated with care.  If your pipes freeze or burst due to the low temperatures, it can cost you a lot of money to make the said repairs.  But with a few tricks, your pipes should keep in good, working condition.  On really cold nights, it is suggested to keep your sink cabinet doors ajar, to let any warm air in to circulate around the pipes.  It is also best to keep your sinks turned on a very low setting, where the water is just slowly dripping.  This will also help in keeping the pipes from bursting.  Insulation should also be added to your home’s pipes to ensure that they are safe from the outdoor elements.  There aren’t many precautions you have to take to keep your home up to the cold weather standards.  But by not doing any of these these things on cold, winter nights, you are running the risk of having thousands of dollars in damages to your plumbing system and even your home.  Plus, you would then not have any running water until the problem is solved, which is a very important item in any given household.


What are some of your least favorite activities? Some people hate exercising while others love it. Many folks do not like walking the dog, but some people really look forward to it. There are so many things we must do in this world and everyone has a different opinion on them. However, I think we can all agree that doing laundry is the worst thing ever. Who enjoys doing laundry? I know I don’t. You know what my least favorite thing about doing laundry is? I always sweat once I take the stuff out of the dryer and have to fold it. It is strenuous and the clothes are a million degrees. It got so bad that I actually started messing with my air conditioner before folding my clothes. This is a true story. I got so frustrated one night while I was overheating and folding my laundry that I got up, walked to the thermostat and made sure my cooling equipment was on. I just wanted to stop sweating. I immediately felt the cool air being released from my air vents and all was right with the world again. Now, I do this same exact thing every time I finish up my laundry. I make sure my air conditioner is pumping out cold air when it is time to fold and put the clothing away. People may laugh at this, but I am the one who doesn’t dread washing and drying my clothes anymore. Are you still miserable? Probably. Mess with your thermostat a little and you’ll be happier.

It was always my goal to make my children happy. When they were really young, it was easy to make them happy because they could barely walk and just making a noise with your lips could make them burst into laughter. Now that my two sons are getting older, I have to do other things to make them happy. I converted our basement to their own little fun zone about six months ago. There is a foosball table down there as well as a bunch of other toys that they can play with. I actually allowed them to begin playing down there before all the renovations were completed. That was a mistake. My one son actually destroyed our heater and almost burnt the house down because he left a giant cardboard box lying next to our furnace. We use a gas heater to provide warmth for our house. That box lit on fire rather quickly and had I not been walking down those set of stairs the moment that happened, I am not sure a house would still be standing. While it caused significant damage to our HVAC units, nothing else was harmed. I simply had to call my HVAC provider and shell out some money to fix the problems we had created. Overall, I feel lucky to have my home and my family. Without them, it is not worth it to work so hard or even have a gorgeous place to call home. I need to thank my HVAC provider for making my home as good as it can be.

HVAC maintenance 

My daughter’s 8th birthday is right around the corner.  My husband and I wanted to surprise her with a playhouse for our backyard.  She will love this, as her new hobby is playing house with her friends in the neighborhood.  Right now, they will play in our house, making a mess of everything.  With her own playhouse, she will have the chance to play out there and be out of my hair.  I love the girl, but she sure does know how to make a mess.  After we purchased the playhouse, my husband mentioned that she will only be able to play in this for a few months out of the year, due to the severe winters we have in our town.  This wasn’t something I had thought of, but figured there was nothing we could do about it.  We couldn’t have our daughter playing in her playhouse in 5 degree weather.  That was when my husband suggested that we look into portable HVAC systems.  He had heard about these from someone at his work and was told that any major hardware store would sell them.  Upon seeing a unit for myself, I knew that it would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday gift.  The unit will heat and cool a space up to 400 cubic feet, which is around the size of the playhouse.  I can’t wait to give my daughter her gift.  She will absolutely love it, I just hope she cleans up her messes in the new playhouse, because I do not want to have to do it for her.  HVAC installation

The area where I reside is very hot and humid.  My family relocated here from up north about 10 years ago for my wife’s job.  I am not a fan of the extreme heat but do enjoy living in an area where there isn’t any snow or frigid weather.  My kids love it down here and can see themselves living in the area once they are out on their own.  When we moved to our current home, it was my first experience with a central air conditioner.  Obviously, we never had a use for one in our hometown because of the weather.  But a central A/C system is absolutely required down here, especially in the summer months.  So when the unit couldn’t keep up with the demand, I quickly contacted my local HVAC technician to make sure that nothing serious was wrong.  As he was inspecting the unit outside, he yelled to me from the porch to join him near the unit.  While walking up to the unit, I immediately realized why he called me over.  The system looked like a block of ice.  He said that this is what happens when your air conditioner ‘freezes up’.  I had heard the expression from friends of mine down here, but never knew it literally froze up.  The technician said that this is somewhat common and easy enough to fix, but that it can really do damage to your system if it is not corrected quickly.  I sure am glad I contacted my technician when I did, I can’t imagine not having my central air conditioner in working order.

central air conditioning 

As a child I was involved in many activities and many sports. My favorite sport was dance. I know that many people would not consider this to be a sport but I sure do. I believe it does because it requires flexibility and it is actually very tiring. We do a lot of cardio work. Anyone who says it is not a sport is crazy. I would beg them to do it themselves at least one time. When I was young dance was my thing. I loved going. I hated going in the winter though. It always always fairly cold within the dance studio. My teacher was very nice about it though. She would raise the heat before we got in there. Then, she would turn it down after our warm up. This was better for me because I was able to stay warm rather than cold all of the time. She used the best in an appropriate way in which would not require the HVAC unit to work too incredibly hard. The building is already being heated by all of the hot bodies working out on the building. This means when we do turn on the heating system, it does not have to work too hard to get to the temperature it wants to be. Even in the summer when it would get too hot, she would turn the air back on. It was always comfortable so we could focus and concentrate. If there was no focus or concentration, then our dance routine might get ruined. Temperature control is important in any setting.


I would like to upgrade my old air conditioning system.  My current cooling equipment is about eighteen years old.  It has lasted much longer than I expected it to.  When I invested in air conditioning for my home, I was on a very tight budget.  I did not purchase the most expensive or state-of-the-art model on the market.  I went without features that I really wanted, because I couldn’t afford them.  The technician told me that I’d be lucky if my cheap, little system lasted ten years.  I have been living with an air conditioner that can’t handle the heat.  There are hot spots all over my house.  On really hot and humid days, my house isn’t all that cool.  I sometimes think I’d be more comfortable if I opened the windows. My air conditioner is extremely loud.  When it’s running, it sounds a lot like a chainsaw, and I have to maximize the volume on the television.  It’s just about impossible to hold a conversation while the air conditioner is running.  It also smells bad.  When my cooling system is really working hard, the whole house smells a lot like moldy cheese.  It’s definitely not filtering my indoor air, and I’m suspicious that it’s actually adding pollutants.  On hot, summer days, my house gets rather dusty.  I have been reluctant to replace the cooling unit while it’s still operational.  I’ve been hoping it would quit for the last ten years.  I have never scheduled annual maintenance for it, and I’m sure that my energy bills are much higher than necessary.


Workout music

I’m really into fitness. I love working out. I think it’s fun actually doing, and I also love the way it makes me feel. I’ve only been working out for about a year now, so I am still finding out what I like and what I don’t. I’m really into running and cycling, mostly fast paced exercising. I used to listen to my music app on my smart phone and I would choose a generic workout playlist. I was expecting hip hop music, but it was actually a lot of electronic dance music and techno type stuff. It would really get me pumped up, especially during cycling. Now it’s almost like I can’t get through a workout with EDM in my headphones. The bass just gets my blood pumping and wakes me right up for my early morning sessions. Since I have gotten so into cycling, I’ve decided to design my very own cycling class to instruct. I am super excited because I am going to make the pace of pedaling go in sync with the beat of the music. I want to use the EDM that I listen to, and I think it would be really cool to have dark lighting with some neon and colorful flashing lights, just to make a rave like feeling. I want people to have fun while working out, just like I do.  I am also looking into become a certified personal trainer. I know I’ve only been at this for a year but it is now my passion and it has truly changed my life.

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