It took me many years to figure it out, but I finally figured out my perfect profession. I am a personal shopper. I was never very good at math or science, and I don’t like to read. I don’t like cooking or baking much, either. There’s really only one thing I’m good at, and that’s shopping. I always know where and when the best sales are, and I am always up to date on the latest fashions. I originally moved away from my hometown to become an actress, but then I discovered I was more passionate about what actors were wearing at award shows than actually learning how to act. For some reason thermostats are always kept near freezing in most stores. I think they hope that blasting the air conditioner will convince you to buy more clothes, kind of like how restaurants try to convince you to buy more food. It could also just be because it gets so hot out in the summer that they’re hoping to lure customers in just to get out of the heat. I spend several hours a day in these stores, so I usually have to wear a big coat in the middle of the summer to combat the freezing air conditioning. I don’t like getting all of the strange looks from other customers, and I hate how the workers follow me around because they suspect I’m shoplifting, but I just can’t stand to be in the A/C all day. I almost wish they didn’t even have A/C at all, but I bet I would regret that.

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