The area where I reside is very hot and humid.  My family relocated here from up north about 10 years ago for my wife’s job.  I am not a fan of the extreme heat but do enjoy living in an area where there isn’t any snow or frigid weather.  My kids love it down here and can see themselves living in the area once they are out on their own.  When we moved to our current home, it was my first experience with a central air conditioner.  Obviously, we never had a use for one in our hometown because of the weather.  But a central A/C system is absolutely required down here, especially in the summer months.  So when the unit couldn’t keep up with the demand, I quickly contacted my local HVAC technician to make sure that nothing serious was wrong.  As he was inspecting the unit outside, he yelled to me from the porch to join him near the unit.  While walking up to the unit, I immediately realized why he called me over.  The system looked like a block of ice.  He said that this is what happens when your air conditioner ‘freezes up’.  I had heard the expression from friends of mine down here, but never knew it literally froze up.  The technician said that this is somewhat common and easy enough to fix, but that it can really do damage to your system if it is not corrected quickly.  I sure am glad I contacted my technician when I did, I can’t imagine not having my central air conditioner in working order.

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