What are some of your least favorite activities? Some people hate exercising while others love it. Many folks do not like walking the dog, but some people really look forward to it. There are so many things we must do in this world and everyone has a different opinion on them. However, I think we can all agree that doing laundry is the worst thing ever. Who enjoys doing laundry? I know I don’t. You know what my least favorite thing about doing laundry is? I always sweat once I take the stuff out of the dryer and have to fold it. It is strenuous and the clothes are a million degrees. It got so bad that I actually started messing with my air conditioner before folding my clothes. This is a true story. I got so frustrated one night while I was overheating and folding my laundry that I got up, walked to the thermostat and made sure my cooling equipment was on. I just wanted to stop sweating. I immediately felt the cool air being released from my air vents and all was right with the world again. Now, I do this same exact thing every time I finish up my laundry. I make sure my air conditioner is pumping out cold air when it is time to fold and put the clothing away. People may laugh at this, but I am the one who doesn’t dread washing and drying my clothes anymore. Are you still miserable? Probably. Mess with your thermostat a little and you’ll be happier.

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