As a child I was involved in many activities and many sports. My favorite sport was dance. I know that many people would not consider this to be a sport but I sure do. I believe it does because it requires flexibility and it is actually very tiring. We do a lot of cardio work. Anyone who says it is not a sport is crazy. I would beg them to do it themselves at least one time. When I was young dance was my thing. I loved going. I hated going in the winter though. It always always fairly cold within the dance studio. My teacher was very nice about it though. She would raise the heat before we got in there. Then, she would turn it down after our warm up. This was better for me because I was able to stay warm rather than cold all of the time. She used the best in an appropriate way in which would not require the HVAC unit to work too incredibly hard. The building is already being heated by all of the hot bodies working out on the building. This means when we do turn on the heating system, it does not have to work too hard to get to the temperature it wants to be. Even in the summer when it would get too hot, she would turn the air back on. It was always comfortable so we could focus and concentrate. If there was no focus or concentration, then our dance routine might get ruined. Temperature control is important in any setting.


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