I would like to upgrade my old air conditioning system.  My current cooling equipment is about eighteen years old.  It has lasted much longer than I expected it to.  When I invested in air conditioning for my home, I was on a very tight budget.  I did not purchase the most expensive or state-of-the-art model on the market.  I went without features that I really wanted, because I couldn’t afford them.  The technician told me that I’d be lucky if my cheap, little system lasted ten years.  I have been living with an air conditioner that can’t handle the heat.  There are hot spots all over my house.  On really hot and humid days, my house isn’t all that cool.  I sometimes think I’d be more comfortable if I opened the windows. My air conditioner is extremely loud.  When it’s running, it sounds a lot like a chainsaw, and I have to maximize the volume on the television.  It’s just about impossible to hold a conversation while the air conditioner is running.  It also smells bad.  When my cooling system is really working hard, the whole house smells a lot like moldy cheese.  It’s definitely not filtering my indoor air, and I’m suspicious that it’s actually adding pollutants.  On hot, summer days, my house gets rather dusty.  I have been reluctant to replace the cooling unit while it’s still operational.  I’ve been hoping it would quit for the last ten years.  I have never scheduled annual maintenance for it, and I’m sure that my energy bills are much higher than necessary.


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