It was always my goal to make my children happy. When they were really young, it was easy to make them happy because they could barely walk and just making a noise with your lips could make them burst into laughter. Now that my two sons are getting older, I have to do other things to make them happy. I converted our basement to their own little fun zone about six months ago. There is a foosball table down there as well as a bunch of other toys that they can play with. I actually allowed them to begin playing down there before all the renovations were completed. That was a mistake. My one son actually destroyed our heater and almost burnt the house down because he left a giant cardboard box lying next to our furnace. We use a gas heater to provide warmth for our house. That box lit on fire rather quickly and had I not been walking down those set of stairs the moment that happened, I am not sure a house would still be standing. While it caused significant damage to our HVAC units, nothing else was harmed. I simply had to call my HVAC provider and shell out some money to fix the problems we had created. Overall, I feel lucky to have my home and my family. Without them, it is not worth it to work so hard or even have a gorgeous place to call home. I need to thank my HVAC provider for making my home as good as it can be.

HVAC maintenance 

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