The area where I live has extremely frigid winters.  There are weeks where the temperature outside will not rise above the zero degree mark.  Not only is this torture for kids and pets, who are suggested to not be outside for longer than a few minutes, but it can wreak havoc on your home if you do not take proper precautions.  Your home’s plumbing system is a delicate system that should be treated with care.  If your pipes freeze or burst due to the low temperatures, it can cost you a lot of money to make the said repairs.  But with a few tricks, your pipes should keep in good, working condition.  On really cold nights, it is suggested to keep your sink cabinet doors ajar, to let any warm air in to circulate around the pipes.  It is also best to keep your sinks turned on a very low setting, where the water is just slowly dripping.  This will also help in keeping the pipes from bursting.  Insulation should also be added to your home’s pipes to ensure that they are safe from the outdoor elements.  There aren’t many precautions you have to take to keep your home up to the cold weather standards.  But by not doing any of these these things on cold, winter nights, you are running the risk of having thousands of dollars in damages to your plumbing system and even your home.  Plus, you would then not have any running water until the problem is solved, which is a very important item in any given household.


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