Me and my husband decided to take on a huge project.  We bid on a home that was up for foreclosure and ended up getting the house.  We thought it would be a long shot, but there were not many people at the auction.  This house was in a great area and we got it for next to nothing.  Of course, we had to keep thinking realistically, since we could be spending a lot on repairs and renovations in the house.  We had no idea what we were in for.  On the first walk through the home, we found that there was some serious water damage done from the home’s plumbing system.  The floor tiles around the bathroom’s toilet was extremely uneven and bumpy.  Upon further investigation, we found a similar problem in the basement where the former washer and dryer were located.  We had already created a list of certified professionals to assist us with the renovations.  So I contacted a local plumber that was able to come over the same day.  He recommended that the entire plumbing system be replaced.  Many of the pipes had burst, since no one was living in the house over the winter season.  Of course, both me and my husband agreed.  We wanted to get the important issues fixed first before spending thousands on granite countertops or fancy comforters for our bedrooms.  This way, we will not have to worry about the plumbing system as everything will be brand new and installed in the correct fashion.  I cannot imagine the type of people that were living in this house before we purchased it.bathroom plumbing appliances

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