Did you know that calling a HVAC technician will save you money? It seems odd but calling a professional is a smarter idea. When you call the professional you save the hassle and time. Also the professional gets it right the first time. Some people are shocked by the price of heating and cooling systems. They certainly are expensive when you think about installation, service and repairs. Some people will buy the system and then try not to get it installed. Everyone knows a guy who is handy. Sometimes you are that guy or are married to him. Do not trust some average person to do your installation work. Installation on a heating and cooling system is like an art form. If performed wrong the whole unit will no longer be as effective. A cooling system needs the proper amount of refrigerant. If the amount is wrong than the air conditioner will leak and break down. After this event happens, it will never be the same. If the heating system is hooked up wrong it could overheat. If the furnace overheats then the whole unit is damaged and will need to be replaced. During installation yourself will only stress you out. It will end up costing more money to have a professional repair the damage you did. Save the money and call the HVAC technician immediately after buying the unit. Also when you install the system on your own, you lose your warranty. It is better to spend the money to get it done right. You also have less repairs with better installation.HVAC

It seems like when you are sick you are always sweaty. I hate being sick because of the weird hot flashes. I never know what clothes to wear. If I wear shorts I am shivering and so cold. If I wear pants I sweat through them. The cold hot periods of sickness is really awful. I am right now sitting on my couch in front of my gas furnace sweating. I have been sweating for awhile. I have taken off layers and now I do not know what to do. Do I turn off my heating system? I am worried the moment I turn off the system I will get too cold. I wish I had radiant flooring. I think heated floors would be a better charting system for when you are sick. I could avoid the heat by being on my couch or bed if I wanted to. The radiant heat also does heat everything it comes into contact to. It would heat my couch a little bit. But maybe I would be able to get a medium temperature. Anytime I got really cold though I could huddle a bit closer to the floor. I feel like the radiant flooring could heat my home better than the furnace would. The furnace usually runs full power or no power. The radiant flooring could heat my home at a lighter rate. It would not be so overwhelming for me when I am sick. I would not have that sick sweaty thing going on. I would not feel all gross in my own home.

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In high school, everyone is always telling you to go to college. I listened to them. My teachers, counselors and even my parents urged me to attend the college in our town. I went there for two years and created thousands of dollars in debt. Heading into my junior year, I told my folks that I would be dropping out and I was also moving away. They were furious. However, I had a plan that I tried to explain to them. Now almost five years since that point, I am a partner for a private real estate company down in the south. Basically, my partner and I flip houses. He is in charge of finding the right properties for us to buy. This is a very important job because you can only make so many mistakes before you are broke. If you decide to buy some real estate that has many different problems that are expensive to fix, you can literally lose thousands of dollars during a three-month job. That is not ideal. When he looks at real estate, he looks for potential. Once he makes the decision, that is where I come in. I do some of the contracting myself, however, I must hire many different corporations to come help us out for a fair price. I make a pretty good living as of now and I do not see myself exiting the real estate business anytime soon. I like what I do and I am very glad that I was able to make a legitimate living after dropping out of college.

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I am telling you right now, it pays to be a good person. When you go through your life, it helps to be genuine to everyone you meet. You never know when that person could lend you a helping hand in a time of need or simply be there for you when nobody else is. I have lived my life by this way of thinking for quite some time now and I can honestly say that I think it paid off a little while ago. Before commuting to the office one day, my wife mentioned something about selling the house and moving across town. I stewed over the idea on the way to work, and when I got there, I bounced the idea off of a colleague of mine and was pleasantly surprised with how helpful he was. Because I tried to be as nice as possible to this man since I had met him, he was now more than happy to refer me to his real estate agent who he said is absolutely amazing. He said that he has all the great qualities you would want in an agent. Not only is he is knowledgeable about buying and selling houses, but he is also extremely familiar with the areas I am interested in. I could not thank my coworker enough for passing along this contact information. I was a little hesitant about the idea at first, but a fantastic real estate agent would make this process go so much more smoothly. Hopefully we can make some magic happen!

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When my wife suggested that we purchase a small vacation home in a mountain range that we often visit, I thought it was a great idea.  We found a reasonably priced house that was virtually in the middle of nowhere.  Our main home is in a huge city, so the peace and quiet that came with living in the mountains, away from everyone, was perfect.  However, I did not realize how much work the home needed prior to purchasing.  I realized that we would have to put up some new drywall, as the old walls were mostly plaster.  But something I did not realize was that the HVAC system in the home was essentially useless.  It was so old, that when I had a certified HVAC technician come by the vacation home, he insisted I look into installing a brand new system.  Sure, I didn’t want to do this, but what other choice did I have?  My family needed to have a heating system in the house for those cold, winter nights.  I guess that is part of being a homeowner.  Sometimes unforeseen things come up.  I know one thing, that my family has really enjoyed the new vacation home in the mountains.  We bring everyone there; our kids, their friends, and our friends.  It is truly a magnificent place and really clears your head from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  I don’t think I would ever want to live there full time though, I start to miss the city noise after so long.

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Part of my job is to run a Clothes Closet for jobseekers that lack necessary interview attire.  This is nationwide program that relies on local donors.  We have many men’s and women’s suits and other accessories in the closet that are available.  Job seekers can take up to two separate suits and are able to keep them.  Most of the donors are retired professionals in the area that no longer are in need of suits.  This Clothes Closet is in its own office within the building where I work.  It is a large room that has its own fitting rooms for those that need to try on suits.  The room includes its own HVAC system as well.  The HVAC system keeps the room at a very comfortable temperature, which is needed when people are trying on various clothing items.  It is amazing to see the jobseekers get excited about something as simple as a used suit.  But it gives them hope that they will be able to look professional while they are interviewing for a job.  And it also gives them business attire to wear if they end up getting a job.  Just recently, the HVAC system in the Clothes Closet was in need of a repair as it had stopped working.  While I thought it was just in need of a new filter, the repair in the system turned out to be much more extensive.  It cost our Career Center a couple hundred dollars.  But the closet needs a working HVAC system in order to be successful, so we paid for the repair.

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Growing up, I was practically raised to participate in sports. I’m not complaining, either, because I loved physical activity of all kinds. Mostly, I liked when people could take a traditional game or sport and put a new twist to it that made it new and exciting. Kind of like how several variations of tag came up, or how people play different types of football. I decided I wanted to do something similar when I grew up, too. And here I am in modern day, preparing to open an indoor skiing hill- which, hopefully, will become a skiing resort. It may seem like something like this is hardly possible. Honestly, I only have to deal with intense HVAC. Of course, to ski, you need snow. We use snow guns and cannons for snowmaking, just like a normal ski resort would, but we have heavy air conditioning equipment all over the place. We have several monstrous, powerful air coolers as well, because we don’t want any of the snow to melt. The areas other than the skiing slope are heated, obviously, and insulated as well. If we ever expand the place into a full-blown resort, then I’ll also have to figure out how to place the lodging area, and get some quality heaters in that building, as well as some fireplaces. While it was difficult to find an HVAC contractor who would do such a project and air conditioners that I liked and was confident in, I was more than happy to accomplish that feat if it meant opening something like an indoor skiing hill.

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Betta fish are common enough as household pets, but a lot of people don’t care for them properly and cause them to live their life in suffering. This really irks me, as the owner of a betta myself, as I make extra sure that my pet fish has a good life with great conditions. A lot of people think that betta fish don’t need much to survive, and to an extent that’s true, but as is true with most fish, they need certain specific conditions to be met or they could easily get sick and die. This is why my HVAC unit is so important. I trust my heating and cooling system to keep the temperature in my house above 70 degrees all the time, especially for the sake of my darling betta fish. There is a heater in its tank, but that only gradually and slightly keeps the water warmer, which is important, because the water needs to be around 80 degrees, but it cannot do the job on its own. If it becomes too cold or too hot in my home, then the  heater can’t keep the water the proper temperature, and my betta could become sluggish or sick, it could even die. My HVAC system is just another thing that I would spend any amount of money to make sure it is the top of the line, so that my fish can live a satisfying and quality life. My fish is extremely important to me, and if I deserve to be comfortable, it does too. After all, it’s a pet, even if it is small and quiet.

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The first project that I completed when I moved into my new home was to finish the basement. This would give us more living space and make the house worth more in the future. It is a large basement and a great place for a movie room and a bar. It took me a little over a year to complete the whole job. I am very satisfied with the outcome; we spend a lot of time down there now that it’s done. However the last upgrade I had to make was to add a dehumidifier to the basement because there was a lot of moisture down there. Originally when I cleaned out the place I found some areas of mold on the walls. This is caused by excessive moisture in the basement. Adding a dehumidifier quickly solved the problem. Without the dehumidifier I would risk damaging the furniture, carpets, and electronics that are in the basement now. Extra humidity can get into all small spaces and cause problems over the long term. The HVAC company that installed my equipment recommended a small but powerful dehumidifier that could handle the whole basement. After installing it the basement was noticeable dryer and we didn’t notice any mold or condensation. I am very happy that such a small dehumidifier is able to protect my new home improvement. It just sits in the corner and pulls moisture from the air all day. When I empty the water from it I am surprised by how much there is. Thanks to the dehumidifier our finished basement will stay nice for many years to come.

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This past weekend was a playoff game for the local high school football team. It is very late in the season and the weather has gotten quite cold. In this part of the country we get all four seasons and winter is especially harsh. It was snowing during the game and I was getting very cold despite my jacket and hat. During halftime I wandered down into the school building, which was close to the field. The heating system in the school was blowing warm air and I immediately began to warm up. The whole school was toasty warm especially compared to the freezing temperatures outside. I wandered around the school a little longer to get warm and found the boiler room. I realized that a boiler was probably the only piece of heating equipment that could heat a building this big. The other great thing about a boiler system is that it is very reliable. This is important because without heat there is no way they could teach school during the winter. That boiler must work extra hard on cold days like today. After walking around a bit more I had become so warm that I forgot all about the football game. I had already taken my coat and hat off because the heat inside the building was so warm. I almost didn’t want to leave the warmth that this boiler system was providing to go watch the game. However eventually I did, although I will be going back inside the school during the next game to get warm again.

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