I think it’s important for people to help each other out, whether it’s a friend, family member, or complete stranger. It’s infectious and if you take the time to help a random person with something, there’s a good chance they’ll do the same next time they see someone in need. It’s a basic community oriented sort of approach to doing things that seems to be lost on a lot of people these days. Just the other day, I was off from work and decided to go for a leisurely drive around town. At one point I was driving past a house where an older gentleman was trying to unload a huge box from the back of his truck alone. Turns out, a new furnace was inside that box. I’m glad I decided to stop and give him a hand because a furnace is not a light piece of equipment. Once unloaded, I offered to help him lug the new heater into the house. Again he gratefully accepted my help. Then he asked me if I had ever worked on heating and cooling equipment. I had not and was worried that he needed instruction installing the new furnace, because that was something I couldn’t help him with. But instead he offered an HVAC tutorial to me. When I originally left my house that day I did not expect new heating and cooling equipment knowledge, but that’s what I got and I had a great time. It turned out the guy used to be an HVAC technician. Next time any of my climate control stuff needs work, I might know how to fix it!air conditioner repair

Running a snow removal business in the frozen north of our lovely country, means that the boys and I hit it hard in the winter months. We don’t really get much downtime to do anything but work, eat, and sleep; sometimes it’s even hard to find time for the latter two. So naturally, our projects and home-improvements take place during our off-season. During long hours in the truck cab, pushing snow around, I have been debating what project to take on first. I think I have decided that first and foremost I have to tackle the renovation of our HVAC system. Luckily, this long cold winter has proven to me that half of it, our furnace, still works great. Our house has stayed consistently warm and cozy in the last few months, and the heating bills have been acceptable. The main thing that needs to be replaced though is our air conditioner. It’s a very old unit and, though I always make sure to stay on top of getting the HVAC serviced each year, the cooling end of it is just starting to go. So now I have been looking into air conditioners available on the market right now and there are a lot of interesting energy efficient A/C models out there. Obviously, you can spend as much money as you want, but the air conditioners available in the mid price range look fantastic. If I can pull it off, upgrade the A/C and stay on budget, perhaps there might be enough money left over to get a more efficient furnace as well.

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Last year, during spring break, my friends and I decided to take a road trip.  One of my friends owns an ancient van, and we all crammed inside.  We were headed south, to a resort on the beach.  We had a fifteen hour drive ahead of us.  We quickly discovered that the van had no air conditioning.  It wasn’t too big of a problem at first.  We started out in the northern part of the country, and the weather was still fairly cool.  The further south we traveled, the higher the outside temperature climbed.  We rolled down the windows to let in the breeze, and it helped a little.  We eventually ran into a thunderstorm, and we had to roll the windows up.  The temperature did not cool off.  It got worse.  We were determined to make it all the way to our destination without stopping at a hotel along the way.  Our budget was really tight.  That van got super overheated, and it didn’t smell very good.  A couple of my friends didn’t feel real good.  We drank a lot of water, but that meant we had to keep stopping for restroom breaks.  By the time we pulled into the parking lot of our resort, we all felt pretty miserable.  We couldn’t wait to get the key to our room and crank the air conditioner.  For that first night, we didn’t even go down to the beach.  We all drank ice water and huddled around the air conditioner.  We took turns taking long, cold showers.  By the next morning, we felt better.cooling system

My air conditioner is always giving me problems. Sometimes, when I turn it on, it feels cool. Other times, when I turn it on, it is just blowing air. And sometimes when I flip it on, nothing happens for a few seconds, then it clicks on. I just don’t understand it. I’ve tried raising the temperature, I have tried lowering the temperature, and no matter what I try, I can never count on what it is going to do. It is very frustrating. My sister has come over and tried to help me, but she doesn’t know much more than I do about AC units. But she did suggest something the last time she was over. I always thought that air conditioning guys were mostly for installing units or for fixing major issues. But she told me that I could have one come over and just check my system out for no more cost than a service call. At this point, it’s worth it. It is embarrassing to have family and friends over and to not know what my air conditioner will decide to do that day. So tomorrow I am going to call and see if I can get an HVAC technician to come out sometime next week. I know it is getting cooler now, but from what I have heard, if you have them come out out of peak season, it is a lot cheaper. I hope that is the case. Maybe then, but summertime, I can count on an evenly cooled home whenever I want it that way. That would be nice.

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I recently got a promotion at my job.  I was very excited about this and ready for a change.  My new job was a field based position, where I would be travelling throughout the day. I was staying in my county and would use my own car to get from place to place.  My employer would then reimburse me for used mileage.  My day to day duties varied, which was something I was looking forward to.  Although, something that I didn’t plan for was how many different environments I would be encountering in a day’s time.  Many of the offices that I visited were smelly and hot.  They definitely had their heating systems turned to the highest setting possible.  The warm environment also made the smell of sweat more prominent in these offices.  I was so thankful that I did not have to be there long.  After visiting those offices, I wouldn’t even need to turn on the heating system in my car.  Instead, I would have the windows open to provide a cool breeze.  On the other hand, there were offices that I had to visit that were downright cold.  They definitely did not have their HVAC system running at a normal temperature.  But none of the employees in these offices seemed to mind the cold.  So after I would finish up in the chilly offices, I would definitely crank up my heating system in my car.  I couldn’t believe that so many offices had drastically different environments.  I was just happy I did not have to spend much time at these types of business offices.

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My kids love going to our local amusement park.  Every summer, my wife and I, along with another family, take all of our kids there.  Now that our children are old enough, they can go off on their own.  They have cell phones that they can reach us on.  So usually, all of the adults are left to fend for themselves.  The park is always packed when we go and it is always scorching hot outside.  My wife really enjoys heading into the water park and finding a chair to lay in the sun.  I am not crazy about being in the sun, so sometimes when she has settled down, I will head into the arcade that always has it’s air conditioning system cranked.  I don’t particularly care for the games that are in the arcade, but I do enjoy the cold air that is flowing from the ceiling vents.  I am the odd one in my family by not enjoying the heat and humidity.  Give me artificial, chilly air any day over a warm breeze.  After I have gotten my fill of the air conditioning, I will go back and visit my wife.  Of course, she has not moved since I was there previously.  At dinner time, we meet back up with the kids and eat, where that too, is outside.  I am just happy to have had some relief during the trip.  The kids and my wife really enjoy coming to the park, so that means that I enjoy it too.  And then next year, we can do it all over again.

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Design school

I was like many kids in high school. I didn’t get bad grades, but I definitely was not getting As in my classes either. I was a pretty average student and also did not have many extracurricular activities to boast about either. I kind of kept to myself in high school. Upon graduating, I had no idea what to do with my life. I wasn’t really interested in becoming a typical American worker and going to school for business or education or something like that. Out of the blue, my grandmother urged me to apply to this school of design in the city. She knew I loved creating things with my hands and styling things. Now as an adult, I could not be more happy that my grandma pushed me that day because I now love my job as an interior decorator. What other job in the world do people pay you have fun while spending their money as well. It is an amazing gig I have going right now. I usually help upper middle class families transform a room or two into a peaceful space in which their loved ones can relax and enjoy themselves. i take pride in my work. I go to furniture store after furniture store in hopes of finding the right pieces for the right price. I think I do a pretty good job because many of my clients refer me to their friends and I have many positive online reviews. I will be doing this for a very long time and I will be having fun while doing it.

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Like most kids, I loved to have sleepovers with my friends when I was a small child. However, they were very, very rarely ever at my house. There was lots of reasons for this- for example, I had four siblings, and I was the youngest, so I didn’t want any of my older siblings to try to wrestle with me or anything. My sister also always had her own friends over, so I didn’t want them to yell at me. The biggest reason, though, was how hot my house was all the time. I didn’t know what HVAC stood for or even meant back then, but I can safely say that that house had the absolute worst heating and cooling system in the entire neighborhood. I think my mom always had the air conditioner running, for some reason, even in the winter. The heater never worked. And if it did, it sure didn’t work. Because of that, I always wanted to spend the night at someone else’s house. I would be able to wear normal pajamas and still enjoy a glorious heater. My best friend’s house even had zone controlling, so if we decided we were going to sleep somewhere other than his room- the gaming room, for example- then he would quickly tap a few buttons on the ipad and heat that room right up for us. It was amazing. I was never used to being a decent temperature- I was always used to just bundling up and nesting in my blankets. It was always a blessing when I got invited to a sleepover, and I went to just about every single one I had ever been invited to

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I moved to America from Brazil for my work just a few months ago. So far the experience has been a fantastic one, I have been able to see a lot of very interesting places, I have met some very nice friends, and the economy in America is much better than from where I am from. There is one very drastic difference between my homeland and this strange new land though. The climate in America is so much colder than in Brazil. It was summer when I left Brazil so when I came here it was winter, and boy was that a wake up call for me. The house I moved into wasn’t nearly as warm as I would have liked it to be, so I immediately had some HVAC technicians come in and install a better heating unit. I gave it a little bit of consideration and I decided to have them remove the air conditioning unit altogether. Being from such a warm climate I am used to really hot weather, so I figure I can handle whatever the summer has in store for me. The plus side of this was that the air conditioner that I had the HVAC technicians remove was actually worth the cost of what I paid for the new heater, so it was a win-win situation for me. Still, I had to wait over a week for the HVAC installation crew to be able to come to my house. A week without a heater during the winter really felt like a month now that I’m here in the northern United States.

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I recently hired my HVAC contractor to install an air purifier in my house.  The unit installed directly into my existing heating and cooling system.  I don’t see it or hear it operate.  It does not require much maintenance.  The air purifier cleans the indoor air eight times an hour.  It circulates the air in the house and traps all sorts of contaminants.  It eliminates dust, dander, and pollen.  It also kills mold, bacteria, and viruses.  Because of the air purifier, my house is much cleaner.  I’ve noticed that there’s far less dust on the surfaces and floating in the air.  Because of the purifier, I don’t need to change the air filter as often.  I mainly wanted to invest in the air purifier to get rid of fumes and odors in the house.  I recently had a mouse die somewhere inside the walls of my kitchen.  I cleaned every cupboard, corner, and crevice of my kitchen.  I disinfected every surface, and set out half a dozen air fresheners.  I placed open boxes of baking soda all over the place.  Nothing managed to get rid of that terrible stench.  I waited a whole week for that mouse to decompose and stop stinking up my house.  After the week, I couldn’t tolerate it any longer.  That’s when I called my HVAC company and asked for help.  They recommended the air purifier, and it has been the perfect solution.  Installation was completed quickly, and there was no mess.  Once the purifier was operational, I immediately noticed a difference in my air quality and a lessening of the unfortunate smell.HVAC system