At least every Thursday my best friend and I get together. Regardless of whether it’s drinking wine or observing a movie, we always fine time to catch up and talk in relation to our week. We have known each other ever since we were in first grade. We graduated high school together and we even went to college in the same city. It was very convenient because if I ever needed someone to speak to I could go to her. I had friends at my college but it was nice to speak with her because she knew everything about me at home and I knew everything in relation to her too. One Thursday while I went to her home I couldn’t stop sneezing. I looked around and once I placed my wine glass on her coffee table I saw simply how much dust there was. I pointed it out to my pal and she told me that she was combating an immense dust problem. She wasn’t sure where the excessive dust was coming from. She’d dust her whole house a minimum of twice a week but the girl was still combating the dirty problem. She also told me that tomorrow she had a scheduled appointment with her HVAC technician to check out the problem. She wanted to see when they could do an air quality test and some ductwork tests to observe if the dust was from the ductwork. This would allow the HVAC technician to see if there were any leaks in the ductwork too.

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As an athlete that has played sports only during the fall I have grown to love most weather. At the start of the season though the summer heat is what we have to deal with. However, once you progress to the end of the season it starts to fade to the cold November. I am well prepared for many weather instances. I have thin t-shirts and camis for that warmer weather but I also own under armor and heavy sweatshirts for that colder weather. The most important part even so is going home and having the capacity to either hang out while watching AC vents or the heaters vents. It was late November and there was just won the state championship. It was a great night however it was very cold. I needed to defrost and get warm again let me give you happened. However, when we returned to the house we realized our HVAC system had failed yet again. We had been having multiple difficulty with the system but just kept seeking to make temporary fixes because we couldn’t afford a brand new one. The HVAC technician my pops had called said that they wouldn’t have the capacity to make it out till the very next day and that we would need to wait. Obviously this was not going to become good thing on a cool winter night. So my parents and me all slept inside the same room with our living space heaters all on. We figured that if we trapped the many warm heat into one room then we could manage for one night.

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I’m a huge fan of taking lots of vacations. I love traveling, and, so far, I have been to almost every single state in the USA, plus Canada, Mexico, China, and a few places in Europe. It is really my life’s passion to travel, whether this would mean little single day trips or long, foreign vacations. Recently, my grandmother asked for me to visit her out West, which, of course, I happily agreed to doing. I know I’ll adore the trip over there, but I am a little afraid that the heat will become a little bit too great for me. I usually run the air conditioning in my car continually when it’s hot, but I don’t know how good my grandma’s heating and cooling system will be, so I hope she does have at least a decent air conditioning in her home. At my own residence, I’ve actually invested quite a bundle into my heating and cooling system, even though I’m often out traveling instead of actually living in my home. Nevertheless, I do love my air conditioning system, so much that it was something I was happy to fund for when I happen to be home. I researched all of the local HVAC companies nearby and found the very best of them before deciding who I would trust with installing my new heating and cooling unit. The company that I ended up choosing had fantastic customer service, good hours, and I have had no issues with their installment job. That HVAC provider had been truly awesome, and I’ve yet to find one that tops their overall services, so when I need my HVAC system serviced, I always have that HVAC provider do it. Obviously, my grandmother doesn’t really care about air conditioning as much as I do, but a guy can dream.

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I grew up in a household with many brothers, and I am the only girl. It felt like daily they were causing ruckus, getting back in trouble or breaking stuff. Just once my brother poured kool aid down a corner of our television for absolutely no apparent reason. Another time, one of them mysteriously got chocolate sauce everywhere over the white carpet in my mother’s lounge. My parents were not too happy concerning that one. Probably one of the worst was when they flushed rocks down the drain. They got lodged in our home’s plumbing and completely clogged the toilet and our entire restroom was underwater. It was so flooded it started seeping through the bottom and into our basement. There seemed to be so much damage to the particular carpets and drywall. Not to mention, we could not fix this on our own so we had to hire a plumber in the future to address the problem. It finished up being a monster cost with regard to my parents, and a huge headache for me to live with. These boys did not understand back then how sensitive our home’s plumbing was at the time, and simply how dopey it is to flush rocks down it, which I still cannot believe they did. Growing up with brothers has been insane. There’s always noise, something broken or someone getting hurt throughout the house. The local plumber now knows us by name and our house could be the bus driver’s most stop on most days, but I wouldn’t have my family any other way.

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Retirement is bittersweet for me personally. It’s been a long as well as good life, filled with good and bad. I’ve been all over the area, installing air conditioners and cleaning filthy furnaces. I’ve been to every HVAC industry party and award ceremony, and won my fair share of awards. I’ve learned from the very best, and trained some of the most successful as well. There is nothing that I can’t do regarding an HVAC system, which makes me really proud. I realized on my first day that this would be my career for a lifetime. I love working with my own hands and making things work properly. I’ll miss all my coworkers and all of the repeat customers that know a whole lot about my life. I’ve been cleansing certain HVAC systems that I installed some 30 years ago, and I’ve learned how they will work inside and out simply from being around them way too long. My wife is grateful that I have all my knowledge as well, because whenever our furnace decided to have an issue, I was there to immediately repair the problem. And we always have the cleanest system in town. I made sure to install a top grade digital thermostat and give the HVAC system the zone control capabilities. These things are the things which I don’t think we could possibly live without. To think if I had never took the job cleaning up ducts, I’d have never gotten here in my life. It was a superb career and I will miss it thoroughly in my retirement. Now off to bed on my very first day!

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I’m really starting to have the hang of everything now that I’ve been here for some time. All of my co workers are actually cool, and very knowledgable when it comes to the heating and cooling issues with our job. My mentor, Donald, has been a really valuable source in getting me prepared for each and every situation that I’ll find myself within. We’ve cleaned the ductwork from every type of furnace and air conditioner imaginable in just the short time that I’ve been employed here. We took on a job at a high rise within the city, it had a furnace so big you could pretty much drive a bus through it. The air conditioner was so big that you could make use of it for an industrial sized cooler. It was a actually wild job, Donald had me crawling straight into this huge HVAC unit wearing a portable backpack vacuum and filtered air mask. I’ll say though, when we were done in that building, the furnace never ever smelled more clean. And come summertime, that air conditioning unit will put out the cleanest air that business building has ever breathed in. I learned lots just walking around that huge air conditioning system, seeing how all the components work together to supply a cold air output. This is knowledge I’ll have throughout my entire life, the kind I’m able to reflect on when I’m putting together a HVAC system in my own, personal home. The furnace won’t be nearly as large as that one in the high rise building, but I’ll have a very specific comprehension of how it works in my home.


By the second day on the job, I was already starting to get the hang of things. It was so cool to be surrounded by like minded people who really can appreciate the importance of cooling and heating. People can take for granted the role a finely tuned HVAC system has in their lives. In every situation, you monitor how hot or cold it is out, and adjust the temperature of the thermostat accordingly. My girlfriend always brought a sweatshirt to her college classes, even the ones in late May, because the air conditioning unit was always blasting in the classrooms. So I really take pride around my job at this HVAC organization, we have a very important job. Since we had cleaned a fairly gnarly system, it was time for us to clean out the HVAC cleaning equipment. The way the cleanup works, we essentially attach a massive HEPA vacuum to the trunk lines of the furnace and the air conditioner. Then we blow all the dust and debris from the top down using a pressurized air hose with various attachments. The vacuum sucks everything from the air conditioning vents into its huge chambers. So after a giant job such as the last one, it’s important to pull all those giant filters out of the huge vacuum and get them clean. They pick up the smell from whatever was inside the HVAC system we wiped clean previously (in this case soot and potent smoke.) It takes a good hour and a half to really get the filters clean enough to do the next job, but the effort is worth after it all!

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I feel as if everything I own simply keeps on breaking. Truthfully, it’s basically an unfortunate stroke of bad luck to have this. First, my electricity just stopped working, and after having a consultation performed with the company, it turned out that just some rats or some sort of vermin had chewed right through all of my wiring. Then, my entire fridge broke down. I couldn’t secure a scheduled visit to fix it for a few days, and I can’t afford to get a new one, and also I have no neighbors to ask to help store some of my food for me. So I did the single thing I could think of – I started running the cooling system on as high as it goes all day long. Clearly, running the cooling system so much does make the whole house pretty chilly, so I decided to wear multiple layers all day. It was pretty stressful because I was scared that it would still be too hot in the house keep anything, but I think that the cooling system actually did a pretty good job of mimicking the fridge. I was completely okay with having to bundle up even more than I usually do. I really hope that running the air conditioner for a few days and running it so high won’t really wear down much on it’s lifespan. That would only create even more issues for me. After a couple of days when I finally got the fridge back up and running again, I put everything back in it and only had to toss out a couple of things that I had, which is pretty good if you ask me about it. I bought some brand new filters to put in my heating and cooling units as well, and then called for my HVAC contractor to come look at my cooling system, just to ensure that it didn’t absorb too much damage from all that.

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Within the last few weeks I have noticed something weird as I am in the shower. Lately, more and more water pools around my feet in the tub when I am taking a hot shower. The drain is indeed slow and it must be clogged because just today it hardly even drained in any respect. This has happened in earlier times, not with this particular tub, though. Last time I simply applied a store bought snake and drain cleaner and that did the trick! I am not handy in the least, so I was pretty pleased with myself, and now I feel like I know a little bit more about plumbing. Although I’m unsure about the problem this time. I hope I haven’t overlooked it too long, past the point of no return. I ought to be more proactive, looking back on it. I have seen how most of my hair can get caught within my drain and I didn’t even buy a drain screen. The last thing I want to do is have to call a plumber. Last time I had to call a plumber to get a leaky pipe it was a really expensive labor cost to me. I am not sure that a clogged drain is a large problem, but I would still prefer to avoid any unnecessary calls. I wish someone would shell out this money to me to pull gross hair out of my drain. Hey, now that I am pondering it, maybe being a plumber wouldn’t be so bad if you’re earning decent money.


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I love my boss to the moon and back but sometimes he gets a little cranky. Just the other day he stomped out into the very middle of the office, demanding that everyone come listen to an annoying sound emitting from his workspace. I walked over to his desk and immediately heard a high pitched squeal. He could not figure out where it was coming from and needed the whole office’s assistance. As I walked to the thermostat, I could tell that it was the culprit producing the high pitch. I took the cover off the old device and fiddled around it. I turned some dials and squeezed a few levers and sure enough, the sound from thermostat stopped right away. My boss seemed glad but also rather puzzled. “What do you even know about HVAC systems” he asked me. I told him that I actually know a lot about HVAC systems. “And since we are on this topic, the HVAC system in our office needs to be reconfigured. I’m positive we are paying a lot more to the owner than we need to for HVAC system bills.” We all then left our boss’s office. The next day, my boss called in a local HVAC technician to examine our office’s HVAC system. He alerted my boss that the HVAC system’s filters were old and really needed to be replaced and that the baseboards were from twenty years ago and could use an upgrade. If they installed a new HVAC system, the building could save a lot of money in the long run. Let’s just say that by the end of the next week, we had a completely new HVAC system in place.