Within the last few weeks I have noticed something weird as I am in the shower. Lately, more and more water pools around my feet in the tub when I am taking a hot shower. The drain is indeed slow and it must be clogged because just today it hardly even drained in any respect. This has happened in earlier times, not with this particular tub, though. Last time I simply applied a store bought snake and drain cleaner and that did the trick! I am not handy in the least, so I was pretty pleased with myself, and now I feel like I know a little bit more about plumbing. Although I’m unsure about the problem this time. I hope I haven’t overlooked it too long, past the point of no return. I ought to be more proactive, looking back on it. I have seen how most of my hair can get caught within my drain and I didn’t even buy a drain screen. The last thing I want to do is have to call a plumber. Last time I had to call a plumber to get a leaky pipe it was a really expensive labor cost to me. I am not sure that a clogged drain is a large problem, but I would still prefer to avoid any unnecessary calls. I wish someone would shell out this money to me to pull gross hair out of my drain. Hey, now that I am pondering it, maybe being a plumber wouldn’t be so bad if you’re earning decent money.


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