I love my boss to the moon and back but sometimes he gets a little cranky. Just the other day he stomped out into the very middle of the office, demanding that everyone come listen to an annoying sound emitting from his workspace. I walked over to his desk and immediately heard a high pitched squeal. He could not figure out where it was coming from and needed the whole office’s assistance. As I walked to the thermostat, I could tell that it was the culprit producing the high pitch. I took the cover off the old device and fiddled around it. I turned some dials and squeezed a few levers and sure enough, the sound from thermostat stopped right away. My boss seemed glad but also rather puzzled. “What do you even know about HVAC systems” he asked me. I told him that I actually know a lot about HVAC systems. “And since we are on this topic, the HVAC system in our office needs to be reconfigured. I’m positive we are paying a lot more to the owner than we need to for HVAC system bills.” We all then left our boss’s office. The next day, my boss called in a local HVAC technician to examine our office’s HVAC system. He alerted my boss that the HVAC system’s filters were old and really needed to be replaced and that the baseboards were from twenty years ago and could use an upgrade. If they installed a new HVAC system, the building could save a lot of money in the long run. Let’s just say that by the end of the next week, we had a completely new HVAC system in place.


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