By the second day on the job, I was already starting to get the hang of things. It was so cool to be surrounded by like minded people who really can appreciate the importance of cooling and heating. People can take for granted the role a finely tuned HVAC system has in their lives. In every situation, you monitor how hot or cold it is out, and adjust the temperature of the thermostat accordingly. My girlfriend always brought a sweatshirt to her college classes, even the ones in late May, because the air conditioning unit was always blasting in the classrooms. So I really take pride around my job at this HVAC organization, we have a very important job. Since we had cleaned a fairly gnarly system, it was time for us to clean out the HVAC cleaning equipment. The way the cleanup works, we essentially attach a massive HEPA vacuum to the trunk lines of the furnace and the air conditioner. Then we blow all the dust and debris from the top down using a pressurized air hose with various attachments. The vacuum sucks everything from the air conditioning vents into its huge chambers. So after a giant job such as the last one, it’s important to pull all those giant filters out of the huge vacuum and get them clean. They pick up the smell from whatever was inside the HVAC system we wiped clean previously (in this case soot and potent smoke.) It takes a good hour and a half to really get the filters clean enough to do the next job, but the effort is worth after it all!

HEPA filterĀ 

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