Retirement is bittersweet for me personally. It’s been a long as well as good life, filled with good and bad. I’ve been all over the area, installing air conditioners and cleaning filthy furnaces. I’ve been to every HVAC industry party and award ceremony, and won my fair share of awards. I’ve learned from the very best, and trained some of the most successful as well. There is nothing that I can’t do regarding an HVAC system, which makes me really proud. I realized on my first day that this would be my career for a lifetime. I love working with my own hands and making things work properly. I’ll miss all my coworkers and all of the repeat customers that know a whole lot about my life. I’ve been cleansing certain HVAC systems that I installed some 30 years ago, and I’ve learned how they will work inside and out simply from being around them way too long. My wife is grateful that I have all my knowledge as well, because whenever our furnace decided to have an issue, I was there to immediately repair the problem. And we always have the cleanest system in town. I made sure to install a top grade digital thermostat and give the HVAC system the zone control capabilities. These things are the things which I don’t think we could possibly live without. To think if I had never took the job cleaning up ducts, I’d have never gotten here in my life. It was a superb career and I will miss it thoroughly in my retirement. Now off to bed on my very first day!

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