I’m really starting to have the hang of everything now that I’ve been here for some time. All of my co workers are actually cool, and very knowledgable when it comes to the heating and cooling issues with our job. My mentor, Donald, has been a really valuable source in getting me prepared for each and every situation that I’ll find myself within. We’ve cleaned the ductwork from every type of furnace and air conditioner imaginable in just the short time that I’ve been employed here. We took on a job at a high rise within the city, it had a furnace so big you could pretty much drive a bus through it. The air conditioner was so big that you could make use of it for an industrial sized cooler. It was a actually wild job, Donald had me crawling straight into this huge HVAC unit wearing a portable backpack vacuum and filtered air mask. I’ll say though, when we were done in that building, the furnace never ever smelled more clean. And come summertime, that air conditioning unit will put out the cleanest air that business building has ever breathed in. I learned lots just walking around that huge air conditioning system, seeing how all the components work together to supply a cold air output. This is knowledge I’ll have throughout my entire life, the kind I’m able to reflect on when I’m putting together a HVAC system in my own, personal home. The furnace won’t be nearly as large as that one in the high rise building, but I’ll have a very specific comprehension of how it works in my home.


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