As an athlete that has played sports only during the fall I have grown to love most weather. At the start of the season though the summer heat is what we have to deal with. However, once you progress to the end of the season it starts to fade to the cold November. I am well prepared for many weather instances. I have thin t-shirts and camis for that warmer weather but I also own under armor and heavy sweatshirts for that colder weather. The most important part even so is going home and having the capacity to either hang out while watching AC vents or the heaters vents. It was late November and there was just won the state championship. It was a great night however it was very cold. I needed to defrost and get warm again let me give you happened. However, when we returned to the house we realized our HVAC system had failed yet again. We had been having multiple difficulty with the system but just kept seeking to make temporary fixes because we couldn’t afford a brand new one. The HVAC technician my pops had called said that they wouldn’t have the capacity to make it out till the very next day and that we would need to wait. Obviously this was not going to become good thing on a cool winter night. So my parents and me all slept inside the same room with our living space heaters all on. We figured that if we trapped the many warm heat into one room then we could manage for one night.

space heater 

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