I grew up in a household with many brothers, and I am the only girl. It felt like daily they were causing ruckus, getting back in trouble or breaking stuff. Just once my brother poured kool aid down a corner of our television for absolutely no apparent reason. Another time, one of them mysteriously got chocolate sauce everywhere over the white carpet in my mother’s lounge. My parents were not too happy concerning that one. Probably one of the worst was when they flushed rocks down the drain. They got lodged in our home’s plumbing and completely clogged the toilet and our entire restroom was underwater. It was so flooded it started seeping through the bottom and into our basement. There seemed to be so much damage to the particular carpets and drywall. Not to mention, we could not fix this on our own so we had to hire a plumber in the future to address the problem. It finished up being a monster cost with regard to my parents, and a huge headache for me to live with. These boys did not understand back then how sensitive our home’s plumbing was at the time, and simply how dopey it is to flush rocks down it, which I still cannot believe they did. Growing up with brothers has been insane. There’s always noise, something broken or someone getting hurt throughout the house. The local plumber now knows us by name and our house could be the bus driver’s most stop on most days, but I wouldn’t have my family any other way.

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